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Surname Saturday ~Imlah~


 Scottish: variant of Imlach,
This very unusual surname is of Scottish origin, and derives from the Old Gaelic "imeallach" or "imleach", translating variously as "marginal land", or "marshy shore-land", and it was originally given as a topographical name to someone whose dwelling was located on a periphery or by the coastline. It is recorded as a surname in Aberdeen from 1402 onwards.
In my search I have found the spelling as "Imlay" and "Imlah".

My Great-Grandmother Mary Bella Watson was born to Mary Imlah January 07,1866 in New Deer Aberdeenshire, there is no father listed on her birth certificate,and her Birth name is Mary Imlah. From 1871 till the time of Mary Bella's marriage in 1885, she is listed on the census living with her grandparents  Peter and Mary Imlah, and is listed as Mary Watson.

Great- Great- Grandmother : Mary Imlah born abt 1844 in Lonmay, Aberdeenshire. Parents Peter and Mary Imlah. Married Cummin Smith December 23 ,1871.  Died October 11, 1904

  • Children of Mary and Cummin
  • Robert Smith-1866~ Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • Margaret Smith-1874 ~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • William Smith-1876 ~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • Alexander Smith-1878~ Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • Peter Smith-1879 ~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • Elspet Smith -1881~ Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • George Smith-1883 ~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • Charles Smith-1884 ~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • John Smith-1887~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
  • Cummin Smith-1890 ~Lonmay, Aberdeenshire
Great- Great- Great Grandfather: Peter Imlah born April 05, 1811 in Fyvie, Aberdeen, Scotland. Parents John and Helen Imlah.  Peter Married Mary Wilson October 01,1840. Died August 31,1882 in New Deer.   Peter Imlah's occupation was Crofter of 5 acres.
  • Children of Peter and Mary
  • John Imlah -25th Oct 1840~Methlic Aberdeenshire
  • Peter  Imlah-03 Jan 1842~Fyvie Aberdeenshire
  • Mary Imlah-13 Mar 1844~Lonmay Aberdeenshire
  • William Imlah -27 Apr 1846~New Deer Aberdeenshire
  • Alexander Imlah-07 Jun 1847~New Deer Aberdeenshire
  • Isabel Imlah-03 Jul 1849~New Deer Aberdeenshire
  • Robert Imlah-22 Aug 1852~New Deer Aberdeenshire
  • James Imlah-23 Jan 1855~New Deer Aberdeenshire
  • George Imlah-17 Dec 1856~New Deer Aberdeenshire
  • Peter Imlah-23 Apr 1859~New Deer Aberdeenshire

Great- Great-Great- Great Grandfather: John Imlah is where my search has come to a halt. I do know that  According to Peter's death Certificate John's wife's name was Helen Reid, and at the time
of Peter's death in 1882 both were deceased.

  •   Children of John and Helen Imlah
  • Peter Imlah- April 05,1811~ Fyvie Aberdeenshire

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