Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Methlick Kirkyard~

                                          ~Methlick Old Parish Churchyard~
                                            Methlick, Aberdeenshire Scotland

#1 Plot 202
Erected by Alexander Imlah merchant in Waterside of Gight in memory of his Wife Helen Marr Died 18 June 1880 aged 70, their daughter Mary died 20 May 1860 aged 22. Above Alexander Imlah died there 06 August 1882 aged 88. Helen Imlah died 17 June 1899 aged 69.

Alexander is my 2nd Cousin 5X removed.
#2 Plot 201
Isabel Gordon in testimony of connubial love dedicated this stone to the memory of her loving husband John Imlah sometime farmer in Blackhillock. After acting well the part of a tender husband and affectionate parent died in the Lord 1792 aged 66. In the grave laid the bodies of Richard and James Imlah their sons. The former died 1778 aged 32 the latter 14 April 1798 aged__. Also the body of Alexander Imlah their son sometime farmer in Mains of Iddoch died 11 February 1817 aged 66. Isabel Gordon their mother died 15 September 1820 aged 85 and John Imlay late farmer Blackhillock died 13 January 1845 aged 81. Also Grant Imlah messenger at arms, Peterhead died Cuminestown 06 August 1877 aged 74.

John Imlah and Isabel Gordon are my 5th Great grandparents
#3 Plot 203
Here was laid in hopes etc. the body of Alexander Imlay sometime farmer in Little Ardow died 11 March 1768 aged 80 also Jean Couper his spouse died 14 February 1768 aged 78. Also of their children Alexander and James. Also their Son Peter Imlay late farmer in Meickle Ardo died 30 April1801 aged 88, Helen Gordon his spouse died 07 November 1818 aged 93 and Alexander Imlay
late farmer Meickle Ardo son of the foresaid Peter Imlay and Helen Gordon died 20 September 1823 aged 70.

Alexander Imlay and Jean Couper are my 6th Great Grandparents
#4 Plot 204
In Memory of Alexander Imlay son to Alexander Imlay farmer in Little Ardoch died in September 1782 aged 22. Also Elizabeth Imlay daughter of said Alexander Imlay farmer in Little Ardoch died 15 January 1784 aged 25. Also the above mentioned Alexander Imlay farmer died 15 December 1789 aged 57, Margaret Anderson his spouse died 11 June 1788 aged 62. James Imlay son of said Alexander Imlay likewise farmer in Little Ardo died 15 March 1847 aged 80, Margaret Stephen his spouse died 03 February 1849 aged 62. Margaret Bruce his 2nd spouse died 04 December 1856 aged 40.

Alexander and Elizabeth Imlay are my 1st Cousins 6x Removed.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Monday ~ Who were Anne and Ada?

The photo below is from an old photo  Album belonging to my dad, Ronald Eric Sivinski ( Hirst). I know from what my dad has written on the back of the photo that the two ladies standing next to him are Anne on the left and Ada on the right. Anne and Ada are the daughters of older lady that dad  referred to as "Aunt Della". Dad had told me Aunt Della was not really his Aunt ,but someone who had cared for him when he was young. The photo was taken around 1943 in Canada, most likely in Thunder Bay.

What I would love to know is who were Anne and Ada and Aunt Della ? Is there a family connection? I can't help notice that the three of them look like they could be related to each other, yet my dad was adopted and far as I know never had contact with any of his birth family. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, either way I would love to know more about the mystery women in this photo.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday ~ September 19, 1953

September 19,1953

~My Aunt Gerry ( mom's younger sister) and  Uncle Bob ~
 celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday’s Obituary ~Melville Morrison Smith~

Today's Obituary notice comes from the Toronto Daily Star  dated Wednesday April 18 1945.
 Melville Morrison Smith is my Maternal Grandfather, Son of James Fenton Smith and Mary Bella Watson.

Melville Morrison Smith

Page 3 of the April 18 1945 issue
Page 20 of the April 18,1945 Issue
Notice  of thank you from the Family 
          Toronto Daily Star dated Saturday April 28,1945

For anyone not familiar with the Toronto Daily Star and their Archives : I have used the archives many times in my family search, The archives go from 1894 to 2007 with Subscription options available, You can subscribe for 1 hour, 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, 1 month or 1 full year. You can also search the year of 1945 for free.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Surname Saturday ~Morrison~

~Morrison ~
There are three distinct origins of the name Morrison - two Hebridean and one mainland derivation that have all come to be spelled the same way. The Aberdeenshire branch were originally 'sons of Maurice' and seem to have no connection with the Hebridean clan. To read more about the Surname please visit the following  Morrison Clan History.


Ann Morrison 1827~1869
1857 Record of Marriage for Ann Morrison
Ann Morrison my great great grandmother was born in Aberdour Scotland in 1827. I have not been able to locate a birth record for her but on the 1841 census it shows Ann and her dad George Morrison a Hand loom Weaver living in the village of New Aberbour. The 1851 census gives a little more information and shows that George is a Widower, still a Hand loom weaver and he and Ann are living at 46 High Street Aberbour. I know from Ann's marriage record to John Smith Feb. 07,1857 and her death record March 20, 1869 that her mother was Isabel Skinner. I can find no records of Isabel's marriage or Death.
 Ann Married John Smith Feb. 07, 1857 in Aberdour Scotland they had 7 children:
  • James Fenton Smith:1856 – 1943 ( My Great Grandfather)
  • Robert Smith 1858 –
  • Mary Murray Smith 1860 – 1950
  • Jane Wright Smith 1862 –
  • George Smith 1864 –
  • John Smith 1865 –
  •  Ann Smith –1868 

       George Morrison  1791~ 1873 
    1873 Record of Death for George Morrison
    George Morrison my 3rd great grandfather was born 26 June 1791 to William Morrison and Margaret Farquhar in Abbey. It appears he raised Ann his only child from a very young age and lived with her till the time of her death in 1869 (George appears on the 1861 Census living with Ann and her family at 68 High St. Aberdour). Through out all the Census records his trade was Hand loom weaver/Linen Weaver. On the 1871 census George is living in the Lane House in Aberlour and his occupation is Former Linen Weaver. On the 18th of Oct 1873 George Morrison Widower of Isabel Morrison died a pauper.                                               
                     ~ William Morrison~
1789 Record of Marriage William Morrison
 William Morrison my fourth great grandfather. I have found Williams marriage record showing William married Margaret Farquhar January 15 1789 in Aberdour Scotland. I know from George's death record that William was a Mason but this is where my search ends for now, I hope soon to be able to Add more about my Morrison line and the mysterious Isabel Skinner.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's Child ~ William Beal ~

Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery
     William Henry Beal
 infant son of
 Henry and Mary Beal
Sept 13 1855
Sept 12 1856

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ The Death of Harry Cocklin~

Harry Cocklin started using his Step fathers surname of Mason in 1924 at the age of 13. I posted a picture of his car in an earlier post here that was taken a few months before the accident, of my mother and Aunt sitting in the car. Harry Cocklin ( Mason) was my Great Uncle.