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Surname Saturday ~Morrison~

~Morrison ~
There are three distinct origins of the name Morrison - two Hebridean and one mainland derivation that have all come to be spelled the same way. The Aberdeenshire branch were originally 'sons of Maurice' and seem to have no connection with the Hebridean clan. To read more about the Surname please visit the following  Morrison Clan History.


Ann Morrison 1827~1869
1857 Record of Marriage for Ann Morrison
Ann Morrison my great great grandmother was born in Aberdour Scotland in 1827. I have not been able to locate a birth record for her but on the 1841 census it shows Ann and her dad George Morrison a Hand loom Weaver living in the village of New Aberbour. The 1851 census gives a little more information and shows that George is a Widower, still a Hand loom weaver and he and Ann are living at 46 High Street Aberbour. I know from Ann's marriage record to John Smith Feb. 07,1857 and her death record March 20, 1869 that her mother was Isabel Skinner. I can find no records of Isabel's marriage or Death.
 Ann Married John Smith Feb. 07, 1857 in Aberdour Scotland they had 7 children:
  • James Fenton Smith:1856 – 1943 ( My Great Grandfather)
  • Robert Smith 1858 –
  • Mary Murray Smith 1860 – 1950
  • Jane Wright Smith 1862 –
  • George Smith 1864 –
  • John Smith 1865 –
  •  Ann Smith –1868 

       George Morrison  1791~ 1873 
    1873 Record of Death for George Morrison
    George Morrison my 3rd great grandfather was born 26 June 1791 to William Morrison and Margaret Farquhar in Abbey. It appears he raised Ann his only child from a very young age and lived with her till the time of her death in 1869 (George appears on the 1861 Census living with Ann and her family at 68 High St. Aberdour). Through out all the Census records his trade was Hand loom weaver/Linen Weaver. On the 1871 census George is living in the Lane House in Aberlour and his occupation is Former Linen Weaver. On the 18th of Oct 1873 George Morrison Widower of Isabel Morrison died a pauper.                                               
                     ~ William Morrison~
1789 Record of Marriage William Morrison
 William Morrison my fourth great grandfather. I have found Williams marriage record showing William married Margaret Farquhar January 15 1789 in Aberdour Scotland. I know from George's death record that William was a Mason but this is where my search ends for now, I hope soon to be able to Add more about my Morrison line and the mysterious Isabel Skinner.

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