Saturday, October 09, 2010

Surname Saturday ~ Couper~

                 Meaning and History of the name surname Couper
The name has a double significance in Scotland, being both a maker of casks and native of Cupar, Fife, where it is recorded from the thirteenth century onwards, It is commonly spelt Coupar.

Jean Couper

   Jean Couper my 6th Great Grandmother was born in Methlick Aberdeenshire Scotland on the 15th day of March 1691 to Richard Couper. I have not been able to find any documentation that gives her mothers name as of yet.

May 28, 1713 she married Alexander Imlah in Methlick Aberdeenshire. They were farmers in Little Ardo and had four sons: Alexander,James,Peter and Paul

 Jean Couper Imlah (Imlay)  died on the 14th day of February 1768 and  buried in the Old Methlick Parish Kirkyard


     Photo of gravestone and inscription can be found in my previous post for Tombstone Tuesday


  1. Tracie-
    I love your blog. Where did you find your amazing records for this post?
    I am also tracing the Allen name in England as your side section indicates.


  2. Thank You Margel :). The records are from Scotlands People, I have found so many of my ancestors by searching the records there. You buy credits and pay for the records that way.

    Where are your Allens from in England? Mine are from Bromley. I will be posting soon on that line as I just found more on the line.

  3. Tracie,
    Wonderful blog. I also come from the same Imlah family. I don't have as much information as you but some you might find interesting.
    Mike Imlah

  4. Hi Mike
    Thank you for stopping by! Another long lost family member found, this is wonderful. I will check out your website and we need to talk and share :)