Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surname Saturday~ Farquhar~

This interesting and unusual surname is  of Old Scots-Gaelic origin, and is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name "Fearchar", meaning "dear or beloved man", composed of the Gaelic elements "fear", man, and an obscure element meaning "dear, beloved. There are various spellings of this name in the early records and Fearchar Fada was a ruler of the kingdom of Dalriada (in what is now Argyll) in the 7th century. Farquharson (son of Farquhar) is the name of a Highland clan often found in
 Margaret Farquhar is my fourth Great Grandmother, she was born in Aberdour Scotland  in 1771 and baptized on the 22nd of June .The baptism record above gives her fathers name as Thomas, and  the witnesses were George and William Farquhar. I was not as lucky with her Baptism record as I have been with other family members, this one did not give her mothers Name. I have searched for a marriage record for "Thomas Farquhar" but have not been able to find one yet, so the search for Margaret's mother continues.

 Wm Farquhar in Bonner Town Hill had a son baptized called Thomas

Thomas Farquhar  my fifth great Grandfather was born May 16, 1740 to William Farquhar  in Aberdour, this is as far as my search on the Farquhar line goes for now though. I have spent most of the day  searching for records on my 6th great grandfather William Farquhar and looking for a marriage or death record on Thomas, so far I have not found it. Hopefully I will have more to post about the Farquhar's  very soon.

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