Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Christmas comes in November

We all have our different reasons for why we blog, mine has always been in hopes of finding my family. 147 days after my first post my dreams and hopes have come true. This morning I noticed I had a missed call and had a voice message on my phone, I didn't recognize the number so I played the message. As I listened to the voice tell me their name and explain their reason for calling, my head started spinning, I started jumping up and down doing that silly dance we have all seen our children do, after the message had finished and I had caught my breath I dialed the phone number for the person who would turn out to be my Cousin Ralph. We talked for awhile and he explained how he had seen my blog , tracked down where I worked, placed a call and finally was able to find a phone number for me ( Note for all new bloggers: make sure you have an email address on your blog so family members do not have to become detectives in order to contact you) we hung up and I headed to my computer to start sending some documents to my cousin but before I could push the send button I had an email from Ralph, it would be the first of many today and each was like opening a million Christmas gifts for they contained photos of family members, newspaper articles and photos of  family treasures. I feel so very blessed today and thankful for my family, both the old and the new. 


  1. I knew that one day you'd luck out! That's'll have to tell me all about it Monday :-)

  2. I know how you feel. Isn't it wonderful to have cousins contact us? I hope there are many more contacts in the future.