Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sepia Saturday~ C*C*M Bike Wagon's

The Little girl sitting in the wagon is Geraldine Rose Smith my moms baby sister. The photo was taken in 1935 and I'm guessing it was taken in the backyard of their home on Gladstone Ave in Toronto. Since there is no snow on the ground and she is wearing no sweater, It must have been late spring or summer, which would make her age in the photo around 4 1/2.

This photo was taken on the same day as the one above.The little girl in this photo is my mother Doreen Mary Smith, the photo would have been taken just before her 6th birthday.

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  1. Very clear photos. I agree at that wage earned and the price paid for that it must have been very appreciated, & we think toys are expensive today? Isn't that an odd toy for a young girl? Especially at that time?

  2. Your blog header is lovely! They look like real sweet little girls...I really enjoyed the flowering shurbs or plants on the fence to in the wagon looks very cool!

  3. Wonderful photographs and the additional information to make the whole experience interesting. Images offer so many prompts that can lead you the writer (and us the readers) into such fascinating areas. I always wanted one of these little carts when I was young. Over here they were called buggies and tended to be hand-made from old pram wheels. I think I might have an old pram in the garage and there is an old wooden packing case somewhere. Now look where you have led me to!

  4. We made carts, without sides, from planks of wood and old pram wheels, as Alan says. The three wheeled bike in the advert is interesting with the front wheel larger than the two at the rear - almost a penny and two farthings.

  5. Love those sleeves on your mother's dress. I can imagine other kids pressing them down only to see them bounce back into shape. And such a lovely wagon.

  6. Love those photos. She would be just a little older than me. I lost my only sister to breast cancer when she was 32 and I was 34. Never get over it. Brought back lovely memories. Our mom dressed us alike and everyone thought we were twins. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Pat: well I think the wagon may have belonged to my uncle who was a couple of years older then my mom and Aunt, But I know as a little girl I played more with the boys toys than the girl toys, maybe mom and Aunt Joan were the same :)

    Karen: I too love the vine growing on the fence, wonder what kind it was.

    Alan: I'm one of those folks that always needs to know more :) Usually when I look at a photo, mine or those belonging to others I will always do some research on it, it helps me to understand the people in the picture more, what times were like for them etc. Oh and if you make something out of that old pram I hope you will share a photo or two with us all :)

    Bob: I never had a wagon that I recall, but I remember my moms step dad making me my first skate board out of some old wood and roller skate wheels.. I was the first one on my street to have one :)

    Tattered: I kinda of think this may have been about Easter time and mom and Auntie are wearing their Easter Dresses, I love the sleeves too :)

    Peggy: My mom died just before her 38 birthday, I know my Aunt ( who is still living) misses her so very much, they were each others best friend as well as sisters. ((hugs) I'm so sorry you too had such a loss so young in life.