Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sepia Saturday~Peter Imlah

Annie Shirran ,Peter Imlah and Children.
 Circa 1887

Peter Imlah was my 2nd Great Uncle ( brother of my 2nd Great Grandmother, Mary Imlah) he was born April 23 1859 in New Deer,Aberdeenshire Scotland and  married Annie Shirran on January 1st 1886, four years after the birth of their first child Mary Ann who was born on August 11 1882. So far I have been able to document Eight children born to Peter and Annie:
  1. Mary Ann 1882
  2. William 1886
  3. James 1889
  4. Peter Reid 1891
  5. Isabella 1895
  6.  Alexander 1897 
  7. John 1900 
  8.  Flora 1906
 Peter was a Carpenter/Joiner a trade he possibly learned while he was a servant for the Shirran family, as his future father in law was a master Joiner. In 1908 Peter died in the Kingseat Asylum in Aberdeen from  Acute Melancholia.

1908 Record of Death For Peter Imlah

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  1. How sad. He doesn't appear depressed in the photo. He seems quite content with his cute little family. Wonder what could have gone so wrong for him.
    Ladies of the grove

  2. What a shame! At least they look happy here.

  3. I was intrigued by the photo, but then surprised by Peter's demise.

  4. Yes the photograph is fascinating - but it is that death certificate which somehow is even more graphic, even more telling. Sometimes words can say more than images.

  5. There seems to be something more to "acute melancholia" than depression. I wonder what they call it now.

  6. From what I have read melancholia in ancient usage also encompassed mental disorders which might now be classed as schizophrenias or bipolar disorders.

  7. So sad, and I wonder why they waited so long to marry. The only thing I I can think of is that the bride's family objected to him for some reason.

  8. i would also go with bipolar. sad to end one's life in such circumstances. my father's adoptive mother spent her latter years interned in such a place. never got to know her... saw her briefly like twice, when i was around 9, and 19... a stranger in my own family.


  9. I wonder if the melancholia was actually the result of a medicine (often containing poisons and opiates) or exposure to some thing like lead or mercury in his business. For instance, a person suffering from depression, nervousness or anxiousness was often administered strychnine and other lovely things which only caused the symptoms to increase. His poor wife - left with 8 children to care for!

  10. How sad and with such young children ...Karen