~It's My First Blogiversary~

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A year ago when  I started Spirits of the Old I wasn't sure if blogging was really for me, my previous blogging attempt lasted a total of three post and I knew I did not have the talent or knack to put on paper or in this case blog what was in my head or heart. But after following other genealogy blogs for awhile I decided that I had  to give it one more try. While I still struggle what to say, I have found that I really love to blog!
Since I started this journey a year ago my family tree has grown from 65 names to 592 documented names, I have found long lost family in Spain, England,Scotland ,Canada and the United States and we are having a blast sharing family photos,stories,history and getting to know each other. 

 I look forward to another year of sharing and discovering with family, friends and followers.


Cheryl Cayemberg said...

Congrats and Happy Bloggiversary! I look forward to the upcoming year's posts!

LindaRe said...

Congratulations. May you have many more years of blogging.

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary, Tracie. I look forward to another year of your blog, too! Congrats.

abbyb (desperategenie) said...

Congratulations on your one year! I'm just over halfway through my first year and it's great motivation to read your reflections and research success! It's amazing how blogs can connect families.

Margel said...

Happy blogiversary to you! I know what you mean about loving to blog. It is so fulfilling and difficult to explain to others who don't blog. I always look forward to your posts.

Little Nell said...

Happy anniversary!

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