Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Talented Tuesday ~ Untited States Patent # 480,585

My Great Uncle James Imlah  of     Barre Vermont was a Granite Cutter by day, but was he also and inventor and dreamer  by night?           
  While doing a Google search on my Imlah line I came across a patent for a Unicycle filed in Barre Vermont in 1892 and an Article from Scientific American published in 1893 about a James Imlah and his "Unique Unicycle". Could This James Imlah be my relative?  
Here is what I know about my Great Uncle.  
 James Imlah arrived in the United States from Aberdeen Scotland in 1882 and lived in Barre Vermont until his death in 1919. I searched the city directory for 1890-1891 and the only James Imlah listed is my Uncle. I could not locate a directory for 1892-1894, but in the 1895 Directory my  uncle is still the only James Imlah listed in Barre Vermont. The  Vermont Census records  for 1900 (1890 Census records are not available ) list 2 James Imlah's one being my uncle the other his son age 5. Until the time of his Death in 1919  my Uncle and his son are the only 2 James Imlah's listed in the city directories or on census records. There are two witnesses on the bottom of page two; George Patterson and William Moir. According to the 1890-1891 City directory, George Patterson was employed by C.W. McMillian, Charles Wallace McMillian (C.W.) is the Brother in law of my uncle James, William Moir was Employed with McLeod and Simpson a granite Company in Barre. Given the fact that there are no other James Imlah's listed for Barre Vermont during the years my Uncle lived there I feel pretty sure that  it was my Great Uncle who filed on February 26th 1892  for a Patent with the United States Patent Office for his New and  Improved Unicycle having a wheel which could be easily steered and propelled and designed to enable a rider to attain a high rate of speed.

April 29 1893 Article from Scientific American

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