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Military Monday~Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteer's

"Presented by Captain Hutcheon 13th  A.R.V to Private James Smith for efficiency at drill and shooting 1879~"
The Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteers  
A.R.V. Medal awarded to my Great Grandfather
The Volunteer Force was the United Kingdom’s original Territorial Army. The Volunteers were active in two periods: during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars from 1794 to 1816, and from 1859 onwards. The first Volunteers 1794, during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars . Corps were formed in various towns and the rural districts of Aberdeenshire and Banffshire while the British army was fighting abroad. In 1798 the Volunteers were reorganized, with 33 companies in Aberdeenshire and 20 companies in Banffshire. The Volunteer companies were dissolved in 1802. In 1859, facing fears of a European war while most of the British Army was serving in India, the Volunteer Force started up again and rifle units were established in many parts of Aberdeenshire and Banffshire, with artillery units in coastal towns. Regular shooting competitions kept up the standard of marksmanship. Source: Aberdeenshire Council

Inscription on Back of Medal

The 13th Regiment of the Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteers existed as such and were based at Turriff between 1861 and 1880 at which time the name changed to D Company of the 2nd Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteers. I was informed by one of the research volunteers at the Gordon Highlanders Museum that  the records for these units did not survive. If you are interested in learning more about the Aberdeen Rifle Volunteers see  Google books The History Of The Aberdeen Volunteers

** James F Smith My Great Grandfather

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