Monday, October 17, 2011

Mystery Monday~The Mystery of James Watson Solved

Before I explain the solved mystery I need to do a little updating for everyone. On  September 24 I received an email from a cousin in Scotland who had discovered my blog some months ago and had made several attempts to get in touch with me, but apparently my Internet provider had blocked his emails and I never received those first letters, I'm so grateful he didn't give up and gave it another try. Graham has spent over 30 years researching and documenting our family and his knowledge and work are truly amazing. Since his letter we have been sharing and exchanging information. I can never say Thank you enough Graham for your kindness and sharing all of this with me.

 OK so now to the Solved mystery! Back on January 24th of this year I posted about who I thought may have been  the father of my Great Grandmother, Mary Isabella Watson. Thanks to Graham who sent me the information below from the Kirk Session minutes of 1866 I now have the evidence that backs up my findings.

New Deer Kirk Session Minutes (CH2/1119/5) 1st April 1866
Imlay & Watson: Compeared Mary Imlay daughter of Peter Imlay
Ironside admitted to having given Birth to an illegitimate child about
two months ago & of which she accused as the father thereof James Watson
son of William Watson Ironside who compeared at same time said Watson &
admitted himself the Father of Imlay's child.After a rebuke & admonition they were
dismissed for the present. 

 4th November 1866
Imlay & Watson: Compeared Mary Imlay  3 appearances craving to be restored to Church
privileges to which the Session agreed when the Moderator in their name absolved her from
Censure & restored her privileges of the Church.

Since James Watson had passed away on July 4th of 1866, he did not appear with Mary Imlay before the Kirk Session on the 4th of November 1866.


  1. I have several thoughts about this, Traci:
    Great work on your part to have figured out who it was, and then wonderful to have the evidence to support your thoughts.

    How sad that the couple with the baby didn't get married and that the father died before he could appear again.

    This document is so helpful because it also names another generation of fathers.

    Great work!

  2. Thank you Nancy, It was wonderful to have the Kirk Session Minutes sent to me as it not only backed up what I found and solve a family mystery but like you said gave me more names to search and added to my tree. Apparently this was not to be the last time my GG Grandmother was called before the church, 4 years later she would be called again.... I will save that for a later post :)