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~Grant Imlah and Mary Farquhar~

Mary Farquhar
  James Imlay and Jean Milne's son, Grant was born at Meikle Ardo, Methlick, in 1803 and Baptised on Wednesday 19th January. The entry in the register reads:
                          19th Janry 1803
                 James Imlay in Meickle Ardo had a 
  Imlay     Child baptized & named Grant before
                 these Witnesses James Imlay in 
                 Little Ardo, & Alexander Imlay in
                 Meickle Ardo.
 The witnesses were James’s cousin, James Imlay, and his brother, Alexander.

Grant was living in the parish of Monquhitter in April 1830 where he witnessed the baptism of his niece, Helen Imlah, the daughter of Alexander Imlah in Meikle Ardo and his wife, Helen Marr.
1836 O.P.R

By 1836 Grant was in Peterhead working as a messenger at arms and on Sunday the 24th of July that same year he contracted marriage with Mary Farquhar. The entry in the Peterhead register reads : 
Imlah and Farquhar:July 24th Grant Imlah, messenger in Peterhead and Mary Farquhar in Deer.       
 Mary was born in the parish of Peterhead about 1807, the daughter of Alexander Farquhar a farmer and his wife, Mary Clark.
The 1841 Census shows the Imlah's living in a flat in a tenement on Jamaica Street, Peterhead. Grant is described as a messenger at Arms, the only other member of the household is his wife Mary. The Census of 1851 now shows the Imlahs have moved to Marischal Street in Peterhead, Grant is still employed as a Messenger at Arms living with his wife Mary and his unmarried sister in law, Isabella Farquhar who is described as an annuitant (A person who receives the benefits of an annuity or pension).
City Directory for Aberdeen
The Valuation roll for the year 1855-1856 shows Grant and Mary are renting a dwelling at 70/2 Marischal Street in Peterhead from the trustees of the late William Baxter for £8 per Annum. By 1861 they have moved across the road to Merchant Street to a house with 6 rooms and a window and Grant is now described on the 1861 census as a Collector of Inland Revenue, his wife Mary and her sister who is now employed as a shirt maker reside there as well.

Grant Imlah died at Cuminestown Monquhitter on Monday August 6th 1877 at the age of 74. The cause of death was hemiplegia (The inability to move a group of muscles in one side of the body) The death was registered by his Nephew, James Imlah who described his uncle on the death record as a messenger at arms and collector of poor rates.  Grant was buried at Methlick Kirkyard and is commemorated on the gravestone of his Cousin, John Imlah.
Methlick Kirkyard
Isabel Gordon in testimony of connubial love dedicated this stone to the memory of her loving husband John Imlah sometime farmer in Blackhillock. After acting well the part of a tender husband and affectionate parent died in the Lord 1792 aged 66. In the grave laid the bodies of Richard and James Imlah their sons. The former died 1778 aged 32 the latter 14 April 1798 aged__. Also the body of Alexander Imlah their son sometime farmer in Mains of Iddoch died 11 February 1817 aged 66. Isabel Gordon their mother died 15 September 1820 aged 85 and John Imlay late farmer Blackhillock died 13 January 1845 aged 81. Also Grant Imlah messenger at arms, Peterhead died Cuminestown 06 August 1877 aged 74.
Grant Imlah had made a  Will at Peterhead on the 17th of May 1877. He nominated as executors and trustees William Findlay, auctioneer, Peterhead, John Fraser, engineer,Peterhead and James Mitchell, farmer, Bruckleseat, Fyvie. James Mitchell was married to Jane Imlah, the daughter of Grant's brother, Alexander. Grant and Mary had no children of their own.  By the Terms of the will they were to Manage his Estate for the benefit of his wife,during her lifetime. On her death, the estate was to be divided in two equal halves, one to be divided equally amongst Grant's nearest of kin, the other to be divided amongst Mary's nearest kin. Grant Imlah's estate came to a total of £ 746 0/5. I will post the will at a later date. Mary Farquhar died at 1 Merchant Street in Peterhead on Sunday the 20th of July 1879 at the age of 72. The cause of death was Apoplexy for 2 days . (Sudden impairment of neurological function, especially that resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage; a stroke) The death was registered by her nurse, Euphemia Paul.

18th of October 1879
Source:  Aberdeen Journal

  **Grant Imlah: 2nd cousin 5X Removed

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