Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday's Obituary~ James Imlay Esq. Farmer in Little Ardo

    Source:Aberdeen Journal,March 24 1847,Page 4.

At Little Ardo, in the parish of Methlic on the 17th March current, James Imlay, Esq. advanced in years. His death will be a severe loss to the poor in the district where he resided. Perhaps no man in his sphere of society bestowed more consideration and substantial aid in supporting and education the children of poor and deserving families, and promoting the advancement of young people in industrial habits and occupations.

*James Imlay my first cousin 6 x times removed, was born on February 10 1767 in Little Ardo to Alexander Imlay and Margaret Anderson. He is buried in Methlick Kirkyard, stone #204. 

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