Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~Imlah's Inn for Sale

Source:Aberdeen Journal~Friday 31 December 1886

THIS Old-Established and well frequented
          house together with the Goodwill of the Business, will
          be Exposed for Sale, by public Roup, within the Premises,
          on Saturday, the 8th January 1887,at Twelve o'clock noon.
          Attached are suitable Stabling, Barn, Byre, and other
          necessary accommodation, and a large productive Garden
          and Yards.
          The Goodwill of about 12 Acres of Land held at a moderate
          rent will go with the Property.
          The Inn being the only one in the Parish, and situated on
          the main thoroughfare between Turriff and New Maud, on
          the route of a Daily Coach, ought to be inquired after.
              For Further particulars, apply to ALEXANDER GEORGE,
          Solicitor,Macduff,who will exhibit the Titles and Articles
          of Sale.
                                            A. HENDERSON,Auctioneer.
          Macduff,20th December, 1886

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