Thursday, January 19, 2012

The School Portrait - Life's A Journey Series

Helen at Save Every Step  Ask that we revisit a memory our past and share it on  our blog each week. This week's theme - The School Portrait.
1962 my first year of School,That's me in the second row, fifth from the left in the yellow dress with the frown on her face.  I remember being so excited that I was finally going to school like my big sister, I also remember struggling to pronounce my New teachers name, Miss Higginbotham.. what a mouth full for a 5 year old.  The slide you see in the back ground of the picture was my favorite piece of school yard equipment  to play on at recess, unfortunately there was a bolt that stuck out at the top that I some how always managed to get my dress caught on as I was sliding down causing my dress to rip at the waist, the teacher would send me to the office where  the school Secretary would take out her stapler and staple my dress back together and send me back to play. Everyday mom would tell me to stay off the slide and everyday I returned home with my dress stapled together. 

Fast forward to 1967 Mrs. Parker's fifth Grade class, the class photo I have always kept hidden. That's me on the top row, first one on the left, the one with the Bad hair do, a cold sore and wrinkled dress! This was my first class picture without mom to do my hair or Iron my dress the night before picture day. Mom  died just a month before this picture was taken  and dad was still trying to adjust to taking care of three daughters so I picked out my own outfit and did my own hair, from the looks of my hair I honestly don't think I remember to brush it at all.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sepia Saturday~ Annie Shirran

Annie Shirran Imlah

Ann Shirran the wife of my Great Great Uncle Peter Imlah was born In King Edward, Aberdeenshire Scotland. Peter died in 1908 leaving Annie to raise 7 children on her own. On August 25 1923 at the age of 60 she boarded the SS Megantic with 4 of her Children; Mary age 39, Alexander age 26, Isabella age 29 and Flora age 15, the sailed to America to join her two sons William and John who were now living at 2637 Munroe St. Chicago Ill. Her son Peter Reid Imlah stayed behind in Scotland,he died 8 months after her departure from pneumonia. The ship's manifest shows Annie having $1,900.00 on her, she was 5 foot 3 inches tall with fair complexion, Gray hair and Blue eyes. On the 1930 census Annie is living on Lotus St, with her 4 grown children , all the children with the exception of Mary have now married and their spouses are living with them in the home.

1923 Passenger List SS Megantic

1923 Passenger List pg. 2
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Talented Tuesday~ There's No Place Like Home

Painting By Louisa Duff Mitchell

Louisa Duff Mitchell was born at Woodside of Delgaty, Aberdeenshire Scotland on the 1st of February 1836, she married  Alexander Imlah on the 3rd of March 1859 at Woodside of Delgaty. In April of 1872 Louisa, Alexander and 5 children sailed to America, They traveled on the  sailing vessel  SS Moravian which when nearing the coast of Newfoundland struck a rock and began to leak badly. Rescue vessels took off the women who could be persuaded to leave, the men remaining aboard to assist in manning the pumps. Louisa Mitchell Imlah elected to stay with her husband and young family, together they stayed on the ship which was eventually able to proceed to port and deliver the remaining passengers safely.

The Imlah's came on to Oregon and the Willamette valley where Alexander found work on the farm of Colonel James Nesmith in Polk County. Later he worked for John Porter near Silverton after which he operated a farm near Brooks, Oregon. In the late 1880's the couple purchased a farm which was located on the east bank of the Willamette River about a mile below Wheatland from Louisa DuRette. This was their home during the remainder of their lives, Alexander died May 17, 1914, and Louisa July 17 1915.

The painting above was done by Louisa Mitchell Imlah of the home she and Alexander shared at Woodside Of Delgaty.

I want to Thank Mike Imlah, Great Great Grandson of Alexander Imlah  and Louisa Duff Mitchell for sharing the photos and information contained in this post.

Louisa Duff Mitchell wife of My Second Cousin 4X removed 

Monday, January 09, 2012

Military Monday~ The Bugle Boy of Company B

My Great Grandfather fought in WW1 with the 160th Bruce Battalion CEF  (Canadian Expeditionary Force) and later with the 18th Battalion, Canadian Army Vet Corps when the 160th was dissolved.
I know very little about my Great Grandfather so I went looking for information on the net about the 160th Bruce Battalion and I came across The Bruce County Military Museum. This is a great site, with many photos and documents and a helpful staff willing to answer your questions in a very timely manner.  I discovered  in issue 5 of the newsletter that the Battalion put out called " Bruce in Khaki"  mention of my Great Grandfather,(only 7 issues were published before the battalion was split up into other units) it mentions that he was one of the Buglers of Company "B", something I did not know, there is also a group photo of the men of Company "B" and somewhere sitting in that photo is Daniel Cocklin, I just don't know of the 58  men which one he is. My guess he is in the lower rows as Great Grandpa was only 5' 2". I'm hoping a family member might see this post and be able to point him out.


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Church Record Sunday~ Alexander Imlay, Elder in Little Ardo

1738 Session Record Signed by my 6th Great Grandfather.

  •  At the Start of the volume of session minutes beginning on Thursday 2nd of April 1730 there is a list of seven elders including Alexander Imlay in Newseat.

  • On Monday 13th of November 1738 " Al Imlay Eld" signed a statement of the funds and utensils belonging to the church. See Photo above, Last signature is Alexander Imlay's.

  • The minutes for Sunday 30th of January 1743 include the following:
Alex' Imlay chosen Treasurer The Session having chossen Alex' Imlay in Littlle Ardo treasurer in room of John Lind deceast, appointed him to give to Margaret rainey 9/3, To Patrick Wilson 10/3, to Richard Thomson 10/3, to William Killow 7/3, for Isobel Miln's coffin 2£, for Grasel Cummings Coffin 2 £. to Isobel Johnston 12/3 and to Margaret Cassie 10/3. And then closed with Prayer.

These are the only mentions of my 6th Great Grandfather in the Session minutes. An Elder of the Kirk
Alexander  Imlay died on March 11,1768 and is Buried in the Methlick Kirkyard, His record of Death Reads:

March 11, 1768 Alexander Imlay Elder in Little Ardo was Buried.