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Church Record Sunday~ Alexander Imlay, Elder in Little Ardo

1738 Session Record Signed by my 6th Great Grandfather.

  •  At the Start of the volume of session minutes beginning on Thursday 2nd of April 1730 there is a list of seven elders including Alexander Imlay in Newseat.

  • On Monday 13th of November 1738 " Al Imlay Eld" signed a statement of the funds and utensils belonging to the church. See Photo above, Last signature is Alexander Imlay's.

  • The minutes for Sunday 30th of January 1743 include the following:
Alex' Imlay chosen Treasurer The Session having chossen Alex' Imlay in Littlle Ardo treasurer in room of John Lind deceast, appointed him to give to Margaret rainey 9/3, To Patrick Wilson 10/3, to Richard Thomson 10/3, to William Killow 7/3, for Isobel Miln's coffin 2£, for Grasel Cummings Coffin 2 £. to Isobel Johnston 12/3 and to Margaret Cassie 10/3. And then closed with Prayer.

These are the only mentions of my 6th Great Grandfather in the Session minutes. An Elder of the Kirk
Alexander  Imlay died on March 11,1768 and is Buried in the Methlick Kirkyard, His record of Death Reads:

March 11, 1768 Alexander Imlay Elder in Little Ardo was Buried.

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