Military Monday~ The Bugle Boy of Company B

Monday, January 09, 2012

My Great Grandfather fought in WW1 with the 160th Bruce Battalion CEF  (Canadian Expeditionary Force) and later with the 18th Battalion, Canadian Army Vet Corps when the 160th was dissolved.
I know very little about my Great Grandfather so I went looking for information on the net about the 160th Bruce Battalion and I came across The Bruce County Military Museum. This is a great site, with many photos and documents and a helpful staff willing to answer your questions in a very timely manner.  I discovered  in issue 5 of the newsletter that the Battalion put out called " Bruce in Khaki"  mention of my Great Grandfather,(only 7 issues were published before the battalion was split up into other units) it mentions that he was one of the Buglers of Company "B", something I did not know, there is also a group photo of the men of Company "B" and somewhere sitting in that photo is Daniel Cocklin, I just don't know of the 58  men which one he is. My guess he is in the lower rows as Great Grandpa was only 5' 2". I'm hoping a family member might see this post and be able to point him out.



Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

What a cool find! I also have some buglers in my line, but I'm not as lucky to have a photo. Here's hoping someone can identify him!

~Tracie~ said...

I agree Heather,it was a very cool find~its amazing how much information one can come across online now days. I hope soon you too will find a photo of your Bugler.

thank you for stopping by :)

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