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Surname Saturday~Christian

Name Meaning and History
English, German, and French: from the personal name Christian, a vernacular form of Latin Christianus ‘follower of Christ’. This personal name was introduced into England following the Norman conquest, especially by Breton settlers.
                                                 Bromley: The former church of St Michael and All Angels Photo By Nigel Cox

Mary Ann Christian:
My 2nd Great Grandmother  was born on the 20th of December 1857 in Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, England, She was the fifth child born to Sarah Fish and Samuel Christian. Mary Ann married William Allen on the 7th of October 1877 in St. Michaels and All Angels Church in Bromley.

                                      Copy of Marriage Record For Mary Ann Christian and William Allen

                                       St Mary Magdalene church, Woolwich 
 Samuel Christian:
My Third Great Grandfather born the 18th of April 1829 in Greenwich,Kent,England to David Christian and Sarah Wiles. Samuel married Sarah Fish on the 16th of March 1851 in St Mary Magdalene church, Woolwich. His occupation according to the 1861 census was Blacksmith. They had eight children. His death is believed to be about 1904.

  • Thomas Christian ~ Born 1846
  • Sarah Christian~Born 1849
  • Daniel James Christian~ Born 1852-  Died 1912
  • Sarah Christian~Born 1856
  • Mary Ann Christian~Born 1857- Died 1914
  • Samuel Thomas Christian~ Born 1861
  • Joseph Christian~ Born 1867
  • Emily Christian~ Born 1870
                                                                                      St Alfege Church

David Christian:
 My Fourth Great Grandfather was born abt 1780. He married Sarah Wiles on the 21st of November 1809 in Saint Alfege Church in Greenwich . I have been able to find and document five children being born to them between 1810 and 1829. David Died abt 1849
  • Thomas Christian~ Born  1810
  • David Christian~ Born 1817
  • Mary Ann Christian~ Born 1820
  • Daniel Christian~Born 1822
  • Samuel Christian~ Born 1829

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sundays Obituary~ Samuel Christie

 Cains Post Tuesday October 1, 1940:
A link with the early shipping days in Cairns was removed yesterday morning by the death of Mr. Samuel Christie (81). who was an engineer on lighters which were used off Cairns when the city was in its infancy. At his funeral yesterday afternoon representatives of the crews of sugar lighters were present to pay their respects to one of the pioneers of their industry in these parts. Mr. Christie died early yesterday morning at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Adams. Dutton street. He had been a resident of the city for over 50 years. His wife predeceased him some years ago, and he leaves a grown-up family which are well known in Cairns. Tn latter years of his working life he had been engaged as a watersider. The funeral moved from the   'residence of Mrs. Adams and was well attended. Members of the Waterside Workers' Union were- present. Rev. H. Norton officiated.

 CARINS POST: Thursday October 3 1940
The funeral of the late Samuel Christie, of No. 26 Sheridan-street, Cairns, took place on Monday after- noon, moving from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. R. A. Adams, Dutton street, and was largely attended. The crews of the sugar lighters in port and members of the Waterside Workers' Federation were well represented. Rev. Norton officiated at the graveside. Floral tributes were from: Loving Memory of Our Dear Father and Grandfather; Sam, Carrie and Grand- children, Townsville; Crew of the Adelaide S.S. Co. Sugar Lighters; Mrs. E. Hansen and Family; Jack and Lucy Culhane; Eva, Arthur and Grand- children; Mr. and Mrs. James Smith; Miss S. Khan; Mrs. A. Nicholls and Family and Frank; M. Ollson; Mr. and Mrs. Lavin and Family; Mr. and Mrs.] Xiradis and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Sheehan and Vallis Family; Mrs. B. Lawson and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Lapworth and Family; Mrs. O'Connell and Family; Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Black, junr., and Family, Buchan-street; Mr. Khan and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Ivankovich and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pickett; Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor, Gordonvale; I Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Adams and Family; 'Betty and Monica Nicholls; Frank and Pearl (Maryborough); Olly Buttner

Samuel Thomas Christian (Christie)  my 2nd Great Uncle. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sepia Saturday~ George the Shoemaker

2nd Great Uncle George Imlah
George Imlah was born at Whitebog of Culsh,  Aberdeenshire, Scotland , on Wednesday 17th December 1856.George was the ninth Child of ten born to Peter Imlah and Mary Wilson my 3x Great Grandparents.
He would grow up to become a shoemaker according to the tax rolls of 1877 and the 1881 census.
Before his married in 1885 to Christina, George fathered two children.  Mary who was born the 24th of November 1877 in Newton of Kinmundy Old Deer, her mother was Eliza Wilson a Domestic Servant. On December 8th 1881 he had a son named John born at Mitchel-ley, Coull, and the mother is listed as Helen Walker. The child died on November 1st 1882 age 10 months cause of Death was Bronchitis.
By the end of 1885 George Imlah had moved to Edinburgh and was employed as a shoemaker and living at 30 Rose Street
 On Friday 25th December he married Christina Nicol at 33 Chalmers Road, Edinburgh. The witnesses at the wedding were Charles Lamont and A. M. R. Nicol. Christina a domestic servant, gave her address as Coaltown of Wemyss, Fife. ‘Christina’ Nicol was born at Coaltown, Wemyss, on Friday 16th May 1856, the daughter of Alexander Nicol, coal miner, and his wife, Janet Thomson. 
1885 marriage
George and Christina had the following children:
  1. Jessie, born Tuesday 4th January 1887
  2. Mary, born Thursday 7th February 1889
  3. Christina Thomson, born Friday 22nd May 1891 
  4. George, born Saturday 29th April 1893 
  5. Alexander Nicol, born Monday 24th June 1895                            
  6. John Thomson, born Sunday 26th March 1899
The 1891 census shows the Imlahs at 8 Caledonian Crescent, Edinburgh, the flat has two rooms with a window. George is described as a shoemaker. The rest of the household consists of his wife, Christina, and his daughters, Jessie and Mary. The family was still at 8 Caledonian Crescent when daughter Christina was born, but had moved to 8 Yeaman Place, Edinburgh, by the end of the year. 
Their daughter Mary died on Saturday 26th December 1891, aged two. The cause of death was enteritis. Her father registered the death. When Mary died, George was still a shoemaker, but in April 1893, when George junior was born, the family was at 32 Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh, and George was now a dairyman. John Thomson died on Monday 11th September 1899, aged five months. The cause of death was teething, diarrhea and collapse. The death was registered by his father who gave the child's name as ‘John Thomas’. George also signed his name with an X mark although he could write. Perhaps this was because his eyesight had started to fail.
The 1901 census shows the Imlah's at 38 Ashley Terrace. The flat has four rooms with a window. George is described as a dairyman and an employer and Blind. George Imlah died in Craiglockhart Poorhouse, Colinton, on Wednesday 6th June 1906, aged 48. The cause of death was paraplegia and cardiac failure. The death was registered by his brother-in-law, William Hill. William described George as a dairyman and gave his usual residence as 140 Marchmont Road, Edinburgh. William’s own address was 21 Morningside Gardens, Edinburgh. As George was not destitute, perhaps he was in the poorhouse because of suitable medical facilities there?
1906 Record of Death for George Imlah
George made a will on 10th November 1896 nominating his wife as executrix. The value of his estate was £198 8/11d. Christina Nicol died at Longacre Hospital, Edinburgh, on Tuesday 15th January 1924, aged 67. The cause of death was aneurism of the aorta. The death was registered by her son, Alexander, who gave her age as 66 and her usual residence as 38 Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh. He gave his own address as 12 Wardlaw Street, Edinburgh.
Christina Nicol had made a will on 23rd January 1920 nominating her son, Alexander, cellarman, 12 Wardlaw Street, Edinburgh, as executor. The value of her estate was £70 4/-.

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Surname Saturday ~ Center

Center Name Meaning

English: metonymic occupational name for a maker of belts and girdles, from Middle English ceinture, ceintere ‘girdle’possibly an Americanized form of German Zehnder, a variant of Zehner.
Baptism Record for James Center 1777
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

 I have come across the spelling of our family name on various records as follows:
  • Center
  • Centor
  • Senter
  • Sentor
 Helen Center:
3rd Great Grandmother
Born about 1827 in Aberdeenshire Scotland (  I have not found her birth or Baptism record) she was the daughter of James Center and Isabella Hunter. Helen Center married William Watson in 1844.
James Center: 
4th Great Grandfather
Born August 02 1777, in New Deer Aberdeenshire Scotland, the son of George Center and Jean Smith . James married Isabella Hunter in 1806. They had the following  5 children:
Sebastian Center 1808 –
Jane Center 1810 – 1870
George Center 1814 – 1896
Isabel Center 1817 – 1888
Helen Center 1824 – 1901
George Center: 5th Great Grandfather
Born about 1736, he married Jean Smith in 1770 in New Deer Aberdeenshire Scotland. 
They had 6 children, four who are listed on the Baptism record above.
Isobel Center 1772 –
Anna Center 1773 –
Jannet Center 1775 –
James Center 1777 – 1855
Robert Center 1783 –
 I have come across some records for a Robert Center, who I believe may be the father of George, but I need to do some more digging before I can post that information. 

~To Be Continued~

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Wordless Wednesday~Doreen Mary Smith

                  My mother, holding one of her cousins at a family picnic in Canada about 1947.