Saturday, March 03, 2012

On this Day in Aberdeen Scotland 1905

1905 Record of Death for Alexander Fraser
Alexander Fraser  the husband of my Great Great Aunt, Elizabeth Smith,died on March 03 1905 in Aberdeen Scotland. The above record of his death you will notice the cause of death is blank. It was later amended  and reads as follows:

Register of Corrected Entries
Page 159. Register of Corrected Entries  for the Parish of Strichen in the county of Aberdeen. The following report of result of a precognition has been received  touching the death of Alexander Fraser, registered under entry 108 in the register book of death for the year 1905. Alexander Fraser, Labourer, Widowed. Male, 77 years. On March 3rd 1905 in South Tarwathie Cottage, Strichen. Usual Residence: South Tarwathie Cottage, aforesaid. Father was George Fraser a Farm Servant, mothers name was Mary Adams or Fraser. Cause of death, Suicide by cutting his Throat.

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