Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sepia Saturday 119 : Work

My  Nana, Alice Cocklin at her work Station at the Cheerio Toy's and Game Company in Canada about 1953. I'm not sure what the details
of her job were there or how long she worked for the Company. I never thought to ask about her jobs  or life before I was born, I thought that there would always be time for questions, that she would always be with us, sadly I was very wrong.

At one time The Cheerio Toy Company was one of the largest Yo-Yo manufactures. You can read about some of the companies history here.

In the photo to the right and below my sister and my mom's step dad are wearing their Cheerio Champ shirts.

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  1. It looks as though she's making sure all those yo-yos get packed nice and safely!

    I may have missed it, but I couldn't see your URL link on the Sepia Saturday page, I spotted you in the sidebar!