Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flora Imlah 1906~1994

Flora Imlah
   Flora Imlah the youngest of 9 children born to  Peter Imlah and Annie Shirran on Monday the14th of May 1906 Aberdeen Scotland. When she was 17 she sailed from the Tail of the Bank at Greenock aboard the SS Megantic on Saturday 25th August 1923, With her mother Annie and siblings , Mary Ann, Alexander, and Isabella to start a new life in the United States where two of her older brothers where already living. The family reached Quebec on Saturday 1st of September. According to the ship manifest Flora was described as a fly-dresser. She was 4’ 10” tall, with a fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes and no distinguishing marks. The manifest shows Flora's age as 15, my guess is that at 15 her Ticket would have cost less as she would traveled as a child and at the age of 17 she would have traveled at an adult rate? 

1923 Ship Manifest showing Flora being born in 1908
Birth Register for Flora showing birth in 1906
The 1930  Chicago Census shows Flora  as being 23 years old,Single and her occupation is dry goods she is  living at  home with her mother, also residing in the home are her  sister Isabella, Isabellas' husband Alexander Bain and their 4 year old son Alexander, Her brother Alexander and his wife Ethel, there is also a border staying with them by the name of Eric Forrester 23 years old from England.  Flora was married  on the 12th of November  1940 to the young man who had once been a boarder in their home 10 years earlier, Eric Forrester. 

Eric Forrester and Flora Imlah Forrester Sept. 1968

 Eric Forrester passed away on the 7th of January 1969 in Jones, Michigan at the age of 62.
Flora Imlah Forrester passed away on the 5th of June 1994 at the age of 88, in Porter Michigan.

**Flora Imlah my 1st Cousin 3X removed.


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