Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday's Most Wanted Ancestor

 Alias: Paternal Grandmother
Date of  Birth:  1892-1911 ?
Place of Birth: England
Lived in: Canada

FACTS: Ethel Stevens my Paternal Grandmother gave birth to my dad on April 24, 1927 in Pine Falls Manitoba Canada, for reasons unknown she was not able  to raise my dad and he was later adopted  by Harry and Lillian Hirst of Fort Williams, Ontario, Canada. The only information  the Adoption agency would provide is she  was born in England. Her name I found when I stumbled upon my dad's Baptism record on in 2010, it also gives the name of his father as John Sivinski. Written on the right side of dad's Baptism record "Such Conditions child cared for by Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hurst, Confirmed in St. Patrick's Church. My Dad was Baptized Ronald Eric Joseph Sivinski  on Nov. 17, 1929
Speculation and Hear Say: Dad was told many  stories about his birth and while there is a good chance none of them are true I will post what he was told in hopes that  maybe some part of it is and someone reading this will make a connection and contact me.
 His birth mother was married, but not to his birth father, that he had a twin brother but his twin died at birth, he was left on a Reservation in Pine Falls and his adopted father who worked for the Hudson Bay company heard of a little white baby who was left there and took him and later adopted him. His birth Father was Ukrainian.          

If you know anything about Ethel Stevens please contact me.

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