Friday, May 18, 2012

‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge~ B is for Beaton

Jean Beaton my 5th Great Grandmother  was born in Aberdeen Scotland in 1757.  On August 29, 1782 she married Sebastian Hunter in Methlick, the entry in the register reads:
"Sebastian Hunter and Jean Beaton both of this parish signified their purpose of marriage & C and were Married August 29".
Together they had 4 children, Isabella Hunter was my 4th Great Grandmother.
Isabella Hunter 1783 – 1865
Barbara Hunter 1785 – 1815  
Helen Hunter 1788 – 1870
Sebastian Hunter 1791 –  

1782 Marriage to Sebastian Hunter

Jean Beaton Hunter died November 26,1843 and is buried in Methlick Kirkyard  Stone #59  the gravestone reads:   "To the memory of Sebastian Hunter late fewar( sic) in New Deer d. 26 Jun 1825 aged 73. His daughter Barbara d. 10 Oct 1815 in 28th yeard.  This humble tribute of respect is erected by his widow Jane Beaton d. 26 Nov 1843 aged 86."


  1. Wow, to have the marriage record for your 5x great grandma is awesome, and something to treaure. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for taking part in the Challenge.

  2. It is a treasure indeed, as the top names on the paper Matthew and Ironside are my 4th Great Grandparents :) Thank you for stopping by