Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ C is for Christian

Samuel and Catherine Christian
Christian: Samuel Thomas Christian (Christie) My Second Great Uncle, younger brother of my Great Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Christian. Samuel was born on the 28th of February 1861in Poplar England to Samuel Christian and Sarah Fish. On December 22,1890 he sailed from London on the "Oruba" for Sydney New South Wales. In 1892 he married Catherine Close and together they raised 10 children
Samuel worked as an engineer and later as a watersider worker in Cairns Australia, He died September 30,1940 from pneumonia, and is buried in the Martyn Cemetery on Anderson Street, Monumental Section, Row I, Plot # 3955.
1861 Census
 C is for Census: The 1861 Census for Poplar London England shows the Christian family residing at 8 Thomas St. living there are my 3rd Great Grandparents Samuel Christian and Sarah Fish, Samuel is listed as a blacksmith, residing in the home with them are four of their six children, Daniel, Sarah, Mary Ann ( my GG Grandmother) and Samuel Thomas  (Thomas and Emily were born later).


  1. What a wonderful post. I love the fact that you are choosing a family and writing about them. It's a wonderful way to share a small piece of your history. Thank you :))

  2. I've enjoyed reading about Samuel, Catherine and their family... and I particularly like how you've linked in the 1861 Census of his birth family, showing how he relates to you through you GGGrand-mother, Mary Ann. Terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello,
    Nice to find this site, well this family is also my direct family
    David Daniel Christian
    MY 4th great grandfather
    Birth 1779 in Isle of Man
    Death Jul 1849 in Greenwich, Kent, England

    Battle of Trafalgar
    Other Seafarers connected with the Battle of Trafalgar

    David Christian

    David Christian was born on the Isle of Man in 1779. He was on board H.M.S Africa at Trafalgar as a Private in the Royal Marines. He was wounded at the battle and lost his left arm below the elbow. He received £40 from Lloyds Patriotic Fund for Wounds. He was invalided out of the service in 1806
    Samuel Christian
    MY 3rd great grandfather
    Birth 18/4/1829 in Greenwich St Alphege, England
    Death 1904
    Sarah A. Christian
    MY 2nd great grandmother
    Birth abt 1856 in Poplar, Middlesex, England
    Edward Ellis
    My great grandfather
    Birth Abt 1886 in Stratford, Essex, England
    Death 15/2/1956 in Port Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
    Love to connect.
    from Adelaide Australia

  4. HI Shaz
    I'm glad you stopped by! David Christian my 4th Great father is as far back as I have gotten, I have the information on the battle of Trafalgar but I have yet to post it as I have no proof that this is him, the name does match, and I do know that my David Christian was in the Royal Marines. If you have anything that would proof it is the same person that would be far I only have the information from the Battle of Trafalgar site, also I still have no hard proof David was from the Isle of Man...Other than his son Samuel said he was..there is the 1840 census that I have, but again not sure it is the correct family. I will email you and I notice you have found my tree, I will send you an Invite... By any chance are you related to Dominic? :)
    Thank you again for stopping by... I love finding more family!!