Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sepia Saturday~ Benjamin Christian

 Allan's challenge for Sepia Saturday 126 is an easy one - give us a group, give us a wedding, give us a top hat - or give us anything at all.
Benjamin Christian and Margaret McCarthy

Benjamin Christian and Margaret McCarthy on their wedding day September 1926, Poplar, London. Benjamin is the son of my 2nd Great Grand uncle, Joseph Christian, he was born in 1899 in Bromley and died in 1968 in Poplar.


  1. I wish the groom would have kept his hat on. It looks pretty special. The bride's bouquet is so different from the little tiny one's carried today. It's so long and trailing. Maybe that style will come back some day.

  2. He looks so happy! Great picture, thank you.

    Kathy M.

  3. Get used to it -- I think everyone is going to have to comment on that bouquet. It's a humdinger!

  4. Lovely wedding photo. I've seen other wedding pictures from this time period with the large bouquets - must have been popular at that time.

  5. A bouquet for that hat, if only he had been waering it.

  6. Oh my you do know how to get information. Very interesting, and your photos are beautiful!