Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's My 2nd Blogiversary !

It is hard to believe how fast 2 years has gone by, even harder to believe I'm still blogging! But here I Am 2 years and 140 posts later and still loving it. This time last year I posted how my family tree had grown from 65 names to 592, today I have 1059, the earliest date being 1641 the birth of my 9th Great Grandfather Thomas Byres. Last month I had a visit from a Second Cousin who I had never  known about until I started my blog, he made the trip from Canada to the States to meet me and we had a great time discovering just how many things we had in common, I felt as if I had known both Ron and June all my life. I look forward to another year of finding family and sharing and connecting with more Fellow Bloggers who have been so helpful to me in my journey. Thank you each and everyone of you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ Which George Smith is this?

George Smith
The only information I have about the photo is written on the Back " George Smith", for some this would be all the information they need to figure out who the person in the photo is. My problem is that I have 2 George Smiths, both are my Great Grand Uncles. My Great Great Grandmother Mary Imlah married Cummin Smith, and her daughter, my Great Grandmother Mary Bella married James Smith. James Smith had a brother George born 1864, My Great Great Grandmother had a son named George born 1883. So which George is this?? I tend to think it is George Smith who was born in 1864 from the style of his clothing~ but I would love any input from those who are better at dating old photographs.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday~ George Smith

148146 Lance CPL G. Smith
5th BN. Canadian INF.
30th September 1916

  Grave of my Great Grand Uncle George Smith, Lance Corporal in the Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment) who fought and died in WWI on September 30,1916. He is buried in the CONTAY BRITISH CEMETERY Somme, France, plot II. E. I.


Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ G

     G is for  GORDON 

                Patrick GORDON my 7th Great Grandfather
January 24, 1674 
Patrick Gordon’s son, Patrick, was born at Little Methlick in January 1674 and baptised on Saturday the 24. The entry in the register reads:
    The forsd day Patrick Gordon in Litle Methlick hade a son baptized called Patrick witnesses Georg Dovertie and William Rennie

Patrick Gordon junior lived in Little Ardo, Methlick. He married, but his wife’s name is not recorded. The entry for Little Ardo in the 1696 Poll Tax Register shows Patrick and his wife living next to his parents.
 Patrick Gordon ther, and his wife, their poll …………………     0  12  0
 Patrick Gordon, younger ther, and his wife, their poll ….........     0  12  0

Patrick is not taxed as a tradesman, so must have worked on the land.
Patrick and his wife had the following children: 
Baptism Record for Patrick Gordon 1674

James, baptised Saturday 27th April 1695, 
Katherine, baptised Saturday 5th February 1698,
James, baptised Sunday 22nd September 1700,
Alexander, baptised Tuesday 4th November 1701,
John, baptised Saturday 6th February 1703,

 Patrick, ?
 George, baptised Tuesday 15th March 1709.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ F is For Fraser

F is for FRASER
George Fraser the second to the youngest of ten children born to my Great Great Aunt Elizabeth Smith and her husband Alexander Fraser was born on the 26th of July 1869 in Rathen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Somewhere between 1871 and 1881 the Fraser family moved to Fraserburgh, the 1881 census shows the family living at Sandhill in Fraserburgh. Alexander age 50 and occupation of Agriculture Labor, Elizabeth age 48 and three of their children, Annie Jane age 16, George age 12 and Alexander age 6. In 1901 George Fraser along with his wife Willamina Milne Fraser and their four children are living at the Sinclair Hills croft, Georges occupation is listed as Crofter and labor. George died on the 21st day of February 1939 at Woodside Memsie in Fraserburgh at the age of 69 from Cardiovascular degeneration.    
1901 Census For the Fraser Family



 Known locally as the Broch, is one of the main population centres on the north east knuckle of Scotland , standing on the shoulder of the coastline called Kinnaird Head, where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea. Fraserburgh is  50 miles north of Aberdeen , the town of Fraserburgh can trace its origins to a 14th century village called Faithlie.The name of the town means, literally, 'burgh of Fraser', after the Fraser family  ( no relation to my family) that bought the lands of Philorth in 1504 and thereafter brought about major improvement due to investment over the next century. The oldest part of Fraserburgh is the suburb Broadsea. Formerly known as 'seatown', Broadsea was once a totally separate entity from Fraserburgh. Traditionally, a fishermen's village, Broadsea housed a community of hardworking if insular people. The oldest structures here were erected around the point of the headland and the settlement which grew inland has now been preserved with a conservation area.

Monday, June 18, 2012

On This day 85 years Ago~June 18, 1927




 On June10, 1927 my maternal Grandparents Melville Morrison Smith and Alice Margaret Cocklin were issued a marriage license by Lieutenant-Governor William Donald Ross in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Nana and Grandpa were married on Saturday the 18th of June,1927. Witnesses were Nana's Step father, James Mason and her sister Rose Cocklin. Grandpa was 25 years old and his Occupation is shown on the marriage license as a mechanic, Nana age 19, a phone Operator. Nana and Grandpa were married for 16 years, Grandpa died at the age of 43.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sentimental Sunday~ Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! This is the first fathers day that I have not been able to call you and tell you just how much you are loved, the first fathers day I'm not able to look into your big Loving brown eyes and thank you for all you have done for me through the years or pick out a card for you, so you could call me when it arrived and tell me it made you cry and laugh and that you loved me so much too. In these 10 months since we lost you there is not one single day that I don't think of you, thank God for giving you to me as a dad, I know  he gave me the very best. I love you and miss you so much Dad.

P.S. Hey dad what about them Kings!! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ E is For Emiline

Emiline Robina Imlah and Mary Emiline Imlah:  My first Cousins 3x times removed.

Emiline Robina Imlah
Emiline was born on the 3rd of July 1886 on High Street in Buckie, Scotland. Her parents Alexander Imlah and Mary MacKay lived on High Street from 1885 until Alexander died in 1918.
 The 1911 census shows ‘Emily’ Robina Imlah boarding with Elsie Clark at Craigside Lodge, Ardconnel Street, Inverness. The census does not give any details about her occupation. I could find no marriage record for Emiline, she died sometime in 1979 in Inverness Scotland at the age of 93.

Record of Birth for Emiline Robina Imlah

Mary Emiline Imlah
Mary Emiline the oldest of the Five children born to Alexander and Mary, was born on the 8th of April 1881on 3 Stephen St. Inverness. Mary was a Queen's Nurse, she never married. Mary died on Friday the 24th of April 1925 at the age of 44 on 12 High Street, Buckie,( the same home her father lived and died at) . The cause of death was tuberculous adenitis and tuberculous peritonitis. The death was registered by her brother, Walter.
Mary  did not leave a will. Her brother, Walter, bank agent, Portnockie, was confirmed as executor. The value of her estate was £570 0/3d.

1925 Record of death for Mary Emiline Imlah

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ D is For Davidson

My 6th Great Grandmother, Margaret DAVIDSON  born in 1711 and baptized on the 25th of April 1711 in Methlick, Aberdeenshire Scotland. She was one of six children born  to Bastion Davidson and Margaret Shephert. On the 17th of June in Methlick Margaret married William Hunter. So far I have only been able to Document that William and Margaret had one child, Sebastian Hunter my 5th Great Grandfather born in 1752, I also have not located a record for when Margaret died.

April 25, 1711 Baptism Document for Margaret Davidson

June 17, 1736 Marriage Document for Margaret Davidson and William Hunter.