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Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ E is For Emiline

Emiline Robina Imlah and Mary Emiline Imlah:  My first Cousins 3x times removed.

Emiline Robina Imlah
Emiline was born on the 3rd of July 1886 on High Street in Buckie, Scotland. Her parents Alexander Imlah and Mary MacKay lived on High Street from 1885 until Alexander died in 1918.
 The 1911 census shows ‘Emily’ Robina Imlah boarding with Elsie Clark at Craigside Lodge, Ardconnel Street, Inverness. The census does not give any details about her occupation. I could find no marriage record for Emiline, she died sometime in 1979 in Inverness Scotland at the age of 93.

Record of Birth for Emiline Robina Imlah

Mary Emiline Imlah
Mary Emiline the oldest of the Five children born to Alexander and Mary, was born on the 8th of April 1881on 3 Stephen St. Inverness. Mary was a Queen's Nurse, she never married. Mary died on Friday the 24th of April 1925 at the age of 44 on 12 High Street, Buckie,( the same home her father lived and died at) . The cause of death was tuberculous adenitis and tuberculous peritonitis. The death was registered by her brother, Walter.
Mary  did not leave a will. Her brother, Walter, bank agent, Portnockie, was confirmed as executor. The value of her estate was £570 0/3d.

1925 Record of death for Mary Emiline Imlah

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