Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ F is For Fraser

F is for FRASER
George Fraser the second to the youngest of ten children born to my Great Great Aunt Elizabeth Smith and her husband Alexander Fraser was born on the 26th of July 1869 in Rathen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Somewhere between 1871 and 1881 the Fraser family moved to Fraserburgh, the 1881 census shows the family living at Sandhill in Fraserburgh. Alexander age 50 and occupation of Agriculture Labor, Elizabeth age 48 and three of their children, Annie Jane age 16, George age 12 and Alexander age 6. In 1901 George Fraser along with his wife Willamina Milne Fraser and their four children are living at the Sinclair Hills croft, Georges occupation is listed as Crofter and labor. George died on the 21st day of February 1939 at Woodside Memsie in Fraserburgh at the age of 69 from Cardiovascular degeneration.    
1901 Census For the Fraser Family



 Known locally as the Broch, is one of the main population centres on the north east knuckle of Scotland , standing on the shoulder of the coastline called Kinnaird Head, where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea. Fraserburgh is  50 miles north of Aberdeen , the town of Fraserburgh can trace its origins to a 14th century village called Faithlie.The name of the town means, literally, 'burgh of Fraser', after the Fraser family  ( no relation to my family) that bought the lands of Philorth in 1504 and thereafter brought about major improvement due to investment over the next century. The oldest part of Fraserburgh is the suburb Broadsea. Formerly known as 'seatown', Broadsea was once a totally separate entity from Fraserburgh. Traditionally, a fishermen's village, Broadsea housed a community of hardworking if insular people. The oldest structures here were erected around the point of the headland and the settlement which grew inland has now been preserved with a conservation area.


  1. I actually got a chill when I read Alexander Fraser's cause of death! It is very hard to imagine how bad things must have been, how depressed and desperate he must have been to do that. I find it hard to believe it wasn't murder. Have you found out any more about him? Is it morbid to say that it is intriguing and mystifying?

  2. Hi Sharon, I too found it hard to believe one could cut their own throat, and have thought this sounded more like a murder to me than a suicide. I haven't found anything more on his death but I have been going through the old newspaper archive to see if I can find anything else relating to his death. Thank you for stopping by :)