Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ G

     G is for  GORDON 

                Patrick GORDON my 7th Great Grandfather
January 24, 1674 
Patrick Gordon’s son, Patrick, was born at Little Methlick in January 1674 and baptised on Saturday the 24. The entry in the register reads:
    The forsd day Patrick Gordon in Litle Methlick hade a son baptized called Patrick witnesses Georg Dovertie and William Rennie

Patrick Gordon junior lived in Little Ardo, Methlick. He married, but his wife’s name is not recorded. The entry for Little Ardo in the 1696 Poll Tax Register shows Patrick and his wife living next to his parents.
 Patrick Gordon ther, and his wife, their poll …………………     0  12  0
 Patrick Gordon, younger ther, and his wife, their poll ….........     0  12  0

Patrick is not taxed as a tradesman, so must have worked on the land.
Patrick and his wife had the following children: 
Baptism Record for Patrick Gordon 1674

James, baptised Saturday 27th April 1695, 
Katherine, baptised Saturday 5th February 1698,
James, baptised Sunday 22nd September 1700,
Alexander, baptised Tuesday 4th November 1701,
John, baptised Saturday 6th February 1703,

 Patrick, ?
 George, baptised Tuesday 15th March 1709.

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  1. Wow, you've not only managed to get back to the 1600s, but you also have documents. I'm so envious :D