Monday, June 18, 2012

On This day 85 years Ago~June 18, 1927




 On June10, 1927 my maternal Grandparents Melville Morrison Smith and Alice Margaret Cocklin were issued a marriage license by Lieutenant-Governor William Donald Ross in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Nana and Grandpa were married on Saturday the 18th of June,1927. Witnesses were Nana's Step father, James Mason and her sister Rose Cocklin. Grandpa was 25 years old and his Occupation is shown on the marriage license as a mechanic, Nana age 19, a phone Operator. Nana and Grandpa were married for 16 years, Grandpa died at the age of 43.


  1. What a handsome couple they were. It's a shame that he died so young.

  2. Oh, they seem so young. Lovely soft photographs. Is the one of your grandmother part of a larger or group photo?

    Did your grandfather remain in that occupation?

  3. Thank you Babara and Nancy, I agree he died way to young, I wish I had had a chance to know him.

  4. Hi Margel :) No the picture of Nana was just a large one of her that I have for years in an old oval frame. Grandpa was in the Johnny Jones Exposition after he got home from WWI, riding his motorcycle on the Wall of Death but a serious accident forced him to give up that job, then a mechanic, and soon after he would go to work for the Railroad in Canada, he worked there until his death in 1945.