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Black Sheep Sunday~ Ye Old Blue Law

Blue law [Photograph]. Britannica Online for Kids. Retrieved
29 July 2012, from

 Wednesday, June 9, 1915.

                     VERMONT NEWS
 "An old Vermont blue law which sets forth "profane swearing and cursing" as a misdemeanor was invoked in Barre when Durward Imlah, a 17-year-old boy was arraigned before Magistrate H.W. Scott. On the lad's plea of guilty a small fine and costs were imposed. "

This is not the last time Durward Laing Imlah (my 1st Cousin 3X removed) would have a brush with the law, five years later Durward would be on the run from the law for beating up Fred Brown and stealing money from the victim.

St. Albans Daily Messenger  
Wednesday,Febuary 16,1921
                          GAVE HIMSELF UP 
Tiring of the necessity of avoiding police and desiring to visit his mother who for several weeks had been confined to her bed by a paralytic shock, Durward Imlah, aged 22 Tuesday gave himself up to Chief of Police Sullivan at the Barre police station after being wanted since September 23, 1920,together with three other young men. Tuesday morning soon after surrendering Imlah was arraigned in Barre City court, charged with being one of four who "rolled" Fred Brown of Elmore St., of that city and relieved him of $30. To this Imlah pleaded not guilty whereupon Judge E.L. Scott fixed bail at $500 which  Mrs. Isabel Imlah of Long St. agreed to furnish. He was released to await further action of the court. Imlah arrived in Barre early this morning from Hartford Conn. where he had remained most of the time since last September.

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Sympathy Saturday ~The Death of Mrs. Robert Imlah

Caledonian-Record Wednesday March 11, 1908
          From Upper Piazza to Ground
Mrs. Robert Imlah of Barre while shaking a heavy rug from the piazza on the second story of her home Saturday, lost her balance and fell over a two-foot railing to the ground below. Three ribs were broken and head was badly cut. 

            Argus And Patriot Wednesday March 11,1908
Mrs. Robert Imlah, while shaking a heavy rug from the piazza on the second story of her house Saturday morning, lost her balance and fell over a two-foot railing to the ground below. Her Husband heard groans and upon investigation found his wife, where she had fallen, the blood flowing in a stream from an ugly cut on her head.. Dr. W. D. Reid was called and took sixteen stitches in the wound. It was also found that three ribs were broken. Mrs. Imlah is as comfortable as could be expected.

 St Albans Messenger Thursday March 19,1908

Death of Mrs. Robert Imlah
Barre, March 17-- Mrs. Robert Imlah who was severly injured March 7 by falling from an upper piazza, fifteen feet to the ground, died last night. She was supposed to be recovering, but death was caused by heart failure.  She is survived by a husband and three children, also by three brothers and one sister in Scotland. She was 58 years old.

Caledonian-Record Wednesday March 25,1908
 Mrs. Robert Imlah of Barre, who was injured March 7 by falling from the second-story piazza pf her residence to the ground, died March 16 from the effects of the injuries then sustained.  She had been recovering favorably from her injuried so that she was able to sit up for a short time March 15 and the next night  about ten o'clock she sat up while her bed was made.  As her husband placed her on the bed again she fell back inconscious and died in a few minutes.

Per Catherines record of death below her age was 59 years, 11 months and 3 day. Mothers Maided name is incorrect on this record, It should be Yeats, not Gates.

Per the Birth Record  below for the Rettie Children, she was Born in 1844 making her age at the time of death 63.
Source: Scotlands People: O.P.R

Catherine Rettie was the wife of my Great Great Uncle Robert Imlah, you can read more about Robert and Catherine ~Here~

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Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~J


Barbara Jamieson my 7th Great Grandmother, born to Thomas Jamieson of Methlick, Aberdeenshire Scotland on the 26th day of March 1685. Barbara married Adam Marr,They contracted on Thursday 28th June 1705 and married on Thursday 26th July. The entry in the Methlick register reads:
                                                                          June 28 1705 Thursday

                Marr                          Adam Marr & Barbara Jamison both in Litle Ardo
                  &                             Compeared before us & contracted marryage by giving
           Jamison                         up their names to be proclaimed & Consigning their
                                                   pledges for performance and abstinence & were            
                                                   marryed on the 26 day of July 1705.
            Baptism Record 1685 Barbara Jamieson

The Marrs had the following children:
Jean, baptised Wednesday 23rd July 1707,
Agnes, baptised Wednesday 2nd November 1709,
Alexander, baptised Friday 18th April 1712,
George, baptised Sunday 12th September 1714,
Richard, born Tuesday 31st December 1723, baptised Thursday 2nd  January 1724,
Isabel, baptised Monday 2nd May 1726.

Adam and Barbara always lived in Little Ardo. Barbara Jamieson died in February 1754 and was buried at Methlick on Wednesday 13th. The entry in the register reads:
                             February 13th
           Jamison           Barbara Jamison  Spouse to Adam
                              Marr in Little Ardo was buried.


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Tombstone Tuesday~ James Wyness Imlah

                                                       JAMES W IMLAH
303 FA 76 DIV


Long Island National Cemetery:Farmingdale; Suffolk County ,New York, USA
Plot: T 0 6442, Wife Elizabeth is buried next to him and her inscription is on the backside
of his gravestone.

JUNE 13 1893
JANUARY 14 1973

James Wyness Imlah my First Cousin 3x Removed and son  of
James Imlah1855 – 1919

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Tombstone Tuesday~ James Andrew Cruickshank

   James A. Cruickshank
Nov 8, 1831
May 26, 1925
Blair Cemetery: Blair Washington County Nebraska,
Blair Enterprise, 28 MAY 1925:
A. J. CRUICKSHANK CALLED HOME - Blair’s Oldest Citizen Passes Away At His Home In West Blair On Tuesday, May 26, At 1 P.M. - Was A Native Of Scotland

Blair citizens bowed their heads in sorrow Tuesday when the sad news was spread about that "Grandpa" Cruickshank had passed away after a brief illness of but a few days. He was born in Cuniston, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Nov. 8, 1831, where he grew to manhood and it was while still in Scotland that he met, wooed and married when about twenty-five years of age. At the time of his marriage, which was March 19, 1857, he was employed in a bank, but later he farmed his mother’s farm and he continued this work until he came to America in 1872. After visiting his brother who was in business in Omaha, for a time, they purchased a farm in De Soto township of Mr. George McKenzie, who was also a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Here he and his good wife lived and reared their family and continued to farm until the family had grown and left the home nest. About ten years ago they decided to move to Blair where they would be free to spend their declining days in peace and rest. The farm was sold to Mr. John Reid of Blair and as chance would have it, Mr. Reid is also a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland so that from the time of the homesteading up to the present time the title has rested continuously in a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Since moving to Blair, "Grandpa and Grandma" Cruickshank, as they are known to us all, have found their ways into the hearts and affections of the people of Blair and it is indeed hard to think of one without the other. At his extreme age of nearly ninety-four years, he was hale and hearty up to the time he was stricken and his pleasant, even, sunny disposition made him an object of love and respect by the whole community. He always had a pleasant smile and kindly work for everyone and we will miss him greatly now that he is gone. As a boy, some thirty-five years ago, the writer can look back when he was still on the farm and his same even tenor of life, his honorable, Christian like method of living made him then as now, an object of greatest respect in his community. For sixty-eight years "Grandpa and Grandma" Cruickshank have enjoyed a married life which was as nearly perfect as is possible in a human way and now when at the age of eighty-nine years she is left without his loving attention but the Almighty has blessed her with ten loyal children, four sons and six daughters, all living, who will do everything possible to make the remainder of her life’s journey as pleasant as possible and drive away all care that is common to nature. She has nothing to regret, theirs was a perfect life and his life was one that we might all do well to emulate. Besides the aged wife, those left to mourn him are: John of Golden Valley, N.D., Andrew and James of Omaha; Alex of Los Ma Linas, Calif; Mrs. Sherry Moore of Blair; Mrs. Ora Marshall of Casper, Wyo; Mrs. J. S. Burnett, Little Medicine, Wyo; Mrs. Leo Nickerson, Marshall, Wyo.; Mrs. M. A. Summers, Page, Nebr.; and Mrs. Anna Mumaugh of California, also nineteen grand children and eighteen great grand children. The funeral services will beheld tomorrow, Friday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock at the Congregational church of which he was a member. Rev. James A. McKeeman, pastor, will have charge of the services and will be assisted by Rev. W. H. Underwood of the Crowell Home, who is a neighbor and friend of the family and interment will be made in the Blair Cemetery.

James Andrew Cruickshank: My 3rd Cousin

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Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~ I~

                              I  IS FOR  Robert "IMLAH"
Robert Imlah was my 2nd Great Grand Uncle  was born at Whitebog of Culsh, New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on Sunday 22nd August 1852 and baptised on Wednesday 6th October. The entry in the New Deer register reads:

 October 6th 1852
 Peter Imlah farmer Whitebog of Culsh had a Son born to him by his wife Mary Wilson on August 22nd baptized this day & named Robert   witnesses Alexr Webster & George Laird Servants Whitebog.

Robert Imlah
 Robert was one of 10 children born to my 3rd Great Grandparents who were farmers in New Deer. The 1861 census shows Robert living at home with his parents at Ironside, New Deer, He is in school. Ten years later we find Robert age 19 on the 1871 census working as a farm servant for Barbara Burr at Nethertown, Millbrex.
Robert Imlah married Catherine Rettie at Monquhitter manse on Saturday 5th December 1874. The witnesses at the wedding were Robert’s brother, John, and Catherine’s father or brother, James. Robert gave his address as Fedderate, New Deer. Catherine, a domestic servant, was living in Cuminestown. She was born there on Monday 9th December 1844, the daughter of James Rettie, a feuar, and his wife, Eliza Yeatts. Catherine previously had a son, James, born at Cuminestown on Friday 21st May, 1869. His father was William Ingram, a farm servant.

The Imlahs had the following children:  
John, born Tuesday, 19th January 1875,
Catherine, born Friday, 25th January 1884, 
Robert, born Wednesday 3rd November 1886.

In 1889 Robert Imlah decided to emigrate to the United States of America. His brother, James, had already gone there and was working as a stone-cutter at Barre, Vermont. Robert sailed from Liverpool, via Queenstown in Ireland, aboard the S.S. Aurania, reaching New York on Monday 29th April. The passenger list describes him as a labourer. Catherine and the children stayed in Scotland. In 1892 Catherine and the children joined Robert in America.
Catherine Rettie
The 1900 census for  Ward 3, Barre, Washington County, Vermont, was taken on Monday 11th June. It shows the Imlahs living in a rented house at 3 Long Street. Robert is described as a stone-polisher. He is not naturalised, and identified as an alien. The rest of the household consists of his wife, Catherine, and their children, Catherine and Robert, who are at school. The year of immigration for Robert senior is given as 1889. For the others it is 1892.
At the time of the time of the 1900 census Robert and Catherine’s son, John, was living in the village of Hardwick, Caledonia County, Vermont. The enumeration was made there on Thursday 21st June. John is described as a granite-cutter. His year of immigration is given as 1892 and he is naturalised. He is boarding with Henry J. Clifford, himself a granite-cutter.  In 1903 Catherine Rettie made a visit to Scotland. She sailed back from Liverpool aboard the S.S. Columbus on Thursday 1st October, arriving at Boston on Saturday 10th October. She had $15 with her and stated that she was going home to 63 Merchant Street, Barre. According to the passenger list, she had never been in prison, was neither a polygamist nor an anarchist and did not support the overthrow of the government of the United States.
Catherine Rettie died at Barre on Monday 16th March 1908, aged 63. The cause of death was angina pectoris. The record card gives her age wrongly as 59 and gives her mother’s name as “Gates” instead of Yeatts.
The 1910 census shows Robert Imlah living in ward 3 of Barre. There are no other Imlahs with him. The head of the household is given as John C. Allen, a native of Scotland.
Robert Imlah died at Barre, Vermont, on Monday 5th January 1925, aged 72. The record card gives his age wrongly as 70.
Record For Robert Imlah 1925


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Surname Saturday~ Marr

Marr Name Meaning
Scottish: habitational name from Mar in Aberdeenshire, the etymology of which is uncertain, possibly Old Norse marr, a rare word generally denoting the sea, but perhaps also a marsh or fen, as reflected in modern dialect forms. Source
Spelling Variations:
Marr, Marre, Maer, Maeer, Maers, Maeers, Mahr, Maar, Mar and others.

         William Marr : 9th Great Grandfather:
William Marr and his wife Elspet Beedie lived at Monlettie in the parish of Methlick. Their known children were Gilbert and John. I have not been able to find either of their Baptism records. John Marr died in November 1671, The Methlick burial register has the following entry: "Decer1 The sd day William Mar in Monletie hade a sone buried named John Mar".
 Elspet died in 1690  and William later moved to Little Ardo, Methlick, where he lived with his son, Gilbert (my 8th Great Grandfather).The entry in the 1696 Poll Tax Register for Little Ardo includes the following: Gilbert Marr, weaver ther, and his wife, poll  0 18 0 William Marr, his father, Beatrix Mar,his daughter, and James Glenie, his apprentice, their poll is 018 0.
The list of taxable persons was made up in the November of 1695. William may have been a weaver like his son. If so, he must have been in retirement as he would have had to pay an additional 6/- for his trade if he was actively employed at the loom. William Marr died in March 1696. The entry in the burial register reads:  March 12 1696 Thursday William Marr in Litle Ardo was buryed.

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Sepia Saturday~ Geeta the Baby Elephant

~This weeks Sepia Saturday prompt is a photo of a baby elephant at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, by Sam Hood (1872-1953)  from The State Library of New South Wales. I just happen to have one photo of an Elephant in my box of family photos, so I give you Geeta the Baby Elephant for Sepia Saturday #133

Los Angeles Zoo 1961

When we first moved to the United States our new home was not far from Griffith Park in Los Angeles California. Most of my early memories of childhood are the days I spent with my Grandpa Dave at the park, riding the train and the beautiful Merry-Go Round, and sometimes we visited the animals at the Zoo. The three photos I have chosen for today's post are from 1961 and a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo with Grandpa, Nana and 2 of my Cousins.
Flamingos at the Los Angeles Zoo

The photo above is Geeta the baby Elephant, a female Asian Elephant  born in India and captured in 1958 and  brought to the Los Angeles Zoo where she lived until her death in 2006.  I don't remember having a favorite animal to visit, the zoo usually made me sad when I was young, I didn't like seeing the animals in cages I always preferred the train and pony ride in the park. I'm happy to report  the Train ride the Merry Go Round and pony rides are still operating today. The Zoo which opened in 1912 closed in August of 1966 and reopened a few miles away in the park a few months later. The original zoo still remains  complete with the old cages and memories for many who wish to remember when~

Grandpa Dave, Nana, My cousins Ricky and Peggy and Me after a day at the Zoo.


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Tombstone Tuesday~Harry Hirst

Mountain View Cemetery

Private H.E. Hurst
22nd BR C.E.F

The gravestone above belongs to Harry Edward Hirst, the spelling of his last name is incorrect as well as his Reg #48542 which actually belongs to Thomas Elder. Harry Hirst fought in WWI and buried in the Military section of Mountain View Cemetery in Thunder Bay ON.

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~H is For Hirst & Huddersfield

 H is for Harry Hirst and Huddersfield
 Harry Hirst was the man who adopted my dad in 1929, along with his wife Lillian Pickering. Lillian died in 1931 before the adoption was finalized in 1933 and Mr. Hirst was not prepared or able to raise a young child on his own so my dad was made a ward of the Children's Aid Society. due to the neglect in the home ( information obtained from records from the Children's Aid Society) but  dad still saw Mr. Hirst on and off through the years, often running away from the orphanage or foster home he was in to see Mr. Hirst. Harry died when my dad was 17, at that time dad left  the foster home and went to live with his sister (adopted) Ivy and her husband Harold.No matter the neglect or hard life that dad had, he always spoke with  great  respect and love for the man he always called his father.

Harry Edward Hirst was born in Huddersfield, England on the 11th of April,1891, his parents were William Hirst and Anne Shaw. The Hirst family left England in 1894 arriving in Quebec and making  their home in Grand- Mère.

Harry Edward Hirst
I'm not sure when Harry and Lillian married I have not been able to find a record of their marriage, their daughter Ivy was born about 1917 either in Quebec or Manitoba. Lillian and Harry lived in Manitoba up until they adopted my dad, at which time they moved to Fort Williams. Harry never remarried after Lillian died.  He  worked for the Hudson Bay Company for many years according to my dad, Harry's death Certificate  listed his occupation at that time as an Elevator Operator for the last 5 years.

Harry Hirst died on December 20th 1944 at McKellar Hospital, at the age of 53 from a heart attack. He is buried at Mountain View Cemetery, 1351 Broadway Avenue, Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada.