Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black Sheep Sunday~ Ye Old Blue Law

Blue law [Photograph]. Britannica Online for Kids. Retrieved
29 July 2012, from

 Wednesday, June 9, 1915.

                     VERMONT NEWS
 "An old Vermont blue law which sets forth "profane swearing and cursing" as a misdemeanor was invoked in Barre when Durward Imlah, a 17-year-old boy was arraigned before Magistrate H.W. Scott. On the lad's plea of guilty a small fine and costs were imposed. "

This is not the last time Durward Laing Imlah (my 1st Cousin 3X removed) would have a brush with the law, five years later Durward would be on the run from the law for beating up Fred Brown and stealing money from the victim.

St. Albans Daily Messenger  
Wednesday,Febuary 16,1921
                          GAVE HIMSELF UP 
Tiring of the necessity of avoiding police and desiring to visit his mother who for several weeks had been confined to her bed by a paralytic shock, Durward Imlah, aged 22 Tuesday gave himself up to Chief of Police Sullivan at the Barre police station after being wanted since September 23, 1920,together with three other young men. Tuesday morning soon after surrendering Imlah was arraigned in Barre City court, charged with being one of four who "rolled" Fred Brown of Elmore St., of that city and relieved him of $30. To this Imlah pleaded not guilty whereupon Judge E.L. Scott fixed bail at $500 which  Mrs. Isabel Imlah of Long St. agreed to furnish. He was released to await further action of the court. Imlah arrived in Barre early this morning from Hartford Conn. where he had remained most of the time since last September.

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