Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~J


Barbara Jamieson my 7th Great Grandmother, born to Thomas Jamieson of Methlick, Aberdeenshire Scotland on the 26th day of March 1685. Barbara married Adam Marr,They contracted on Thursday 28th June 1705 and married on Thursday 26th July. The entry in the Methlick register reads:
                                                                          June 28 1705 Thursday

                Marr                          Adam Marr & Barbara Jamison both in Litle Ardo
                  &                             Compeared before us & contracted marryage by giving
           Jamison                         up their names to be proclaimed & Consigning their
                                                   pledges for performance and abstinence & were            
                                                   marryed on the 26 day of July 1705.
            Baptism Record 1685 Barbara Jamieson

The Marrs had the following children:
Jean, baptised Wednesday 23rd July 1707,
Agnes, baptised Wednesday 2nd November 1709,
Alexander, baptised Friday 18th April 1712,
George, baptised Sunday 12th September 1714,
Richard, born Tuesday 31st December 1723, baptised Thursday 2nd  January 1724,
Isabel, baptised Monday 2nd May 1726.

Adam and Barbara always lived in Little Ardo. Barbara Jamieson died in February 1754 and was buried at Methlick on Wednesday 13th. The entry in the register reads:
                             February 13th
           Jamison           Barbara Jamison  Spouse to Adam
                              Marr in Little Ardo was buried.


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  1. I'm in awe ... one that you have records for your family back that far back, and two that you can read that document ... awesome!:D