Friday, July 06, 2012

Sepia Saturday~ Geeta the Baby Elephant

~This weeks Sepia Saturday prompt is a photo of a baby elephant at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, by Sam Hood (1872-1953)  from The State Library of New South Wales. I just happen to have one photo of an Elephant in my box of family photos, so I give you Geeta the Baby Elephant for Sepia Saturday #133

Los Angeles Zoo 1961

When we first moved to the United States our new home was not far from Griffith Park in Los Angeles California. Most of my early memories of childhood are the days I spent with my Grandpa Dave at the park, riding the train and the beautiful Merry-Go Round, and sometimes we visited the animals at the Zoo. The three photos I have chosen for today's post are from 1961 and a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo with Grandpa, Nana and 2 of my Cousins.
Flamingos at the Los Angeles Zoo

The photo above is Geeta the baby Elephant, a female Asian Elephant  born in India and captured in 1958 and  brought to the Los Angeles Zoo where she lived until her death in 2006.  I don't remember having a favorite animal to visit, the zoo usually made me sad when I was young, I didn't like seeing the animals in cages I always preferred the train and pony ride in the park. I'm happy to report  the Train ride the Merry Go Round and pony rides are still operating today. The Zoo which opened in 1912 closed in August of 1966 and reopened a few miles away in the park a few months later. The original zoo still remains  complete with the old cages and memories for many who wish to remember when~

Grandpa Dave, Nana, My cousins Ricky and Peggy and Me after a day at the Zoo.



  1. That is a lovely photo and memory. I know what you mean about wild animals in cages; I’m much more in favour of the more modern parks where they can roam almost freely as if in their natural habitats. Zoos have changed so much since those days.

  2. I guess that fence around Geeta was stronger than it looks. Good zoos today do a good job of creating a natural habitat for the animals.

  3. What wonderful memories of spending days at the zoo with your grandfather.

  4. Preserving the old zoo seems bizarre, but is educational.

  5. I would have thought that LA real estate was too valuable to leave that old zoo as it is. Greta would have ned a stronger fence as she grew older.