Saturday, July 07, 2012

Surname Saturday~ Marr

Marr Name Meaning
Scottish: habitational name from Mar in Aberdeenshire, the etymology of which is uncertain, possibly Old Norse marr, a rare word generally denoting the sea, but perhaps also a marsh or fen, as reflected in modern dialect forms. Source
Spelling Variations:
Marr, Marre, Maer, Maeer, Maers, Maeers, Mahr, Maar, Mar and others.

         William Marr : 9th Great Grandfather:
William Marr and his wife Elspet Beedie lived at Monlettie in the parish of Methlick. Their known children were Gilbert and John. I have not been able to find either of their Baptism records. John Marr died in November 1671, The Methlick burial register has the following entry: "Decer1 The sd day William Mar in Monletie hade a sone buried named John Mar".
 Elspet died in 1690  and William later moved to Little Ardo, Methlick, where he lived with his son, Gilbert (my 8th Great Grandfather).The entry in the 1696 Poll Tax Register for Little Ardo includes the following: Gilbert Marr, weaver ther, and his wife, poll  0 18 0 William Marr, his father, Beatrix Mar,his daughter, and James Glenie, his apprentice, their poll is 018 0.
The list of taxable persons was made up in the November of 1695. William may have been a weaver like his son. If so, he must have been in retirement as he would have had to pay an additional 6/- for his trade if he was actively employed at the loom. William Marr died in March 1696. The entry in the burial register reads:  March 12 1696 Thursday William Marr in Litle Ardo was buryed.

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