Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~K

  K is for Kindness
Isabella Kindness, my 1st Cousin 3x's removed, daughter of Isabella Imlah and Alexander Kindness was born on Monday the 2nd of August 1880 in New Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland. Isabella was the second child of five born to Alexander and Isabella,(Isabella Imlah had 2 children before she married Alexander). The 1901 Census shows Isabella Kindness at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lethen at 82 Inverleith in Edinburgh, she is listed as their Cook. On the 18th of December 1908 Isabella married Peter Madden Corporal in the 2nd Battalion Black Watch, they married at Tolbooth Church. Soon after Isabella and Peter married they sailed for India where Peter was Stationed with the Black Watch. Both their Children, Alexander Kindness Madden (1909) and Mary Joanna Madden (1911) were born in Sialkot, India. The 1911 Census shows the family is still living in India and that Peter is now shown as Lance Sergeant. I have not found documents of when they returned to Scotland or if they had any other children, this search still continues on. Isabella died in Canongate, Edinburgh in 1968, Peter died in 1940 in Canongate as well.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

On This Day in Canada~ 1933

 Happy Birthday Cousin Ralph!
Hope your day is filled with Blessings, Joy and Love.

Monday, August 06, 2012

On This Day In Scotland ~ 130 Years Ago

On This Day 130 Years ago Alexander Imlah, my Second Cousin 5X removed died from General Debility. Below is a brief history of Alexanders life, from his Birth in 1794 to his death on August 06, 1882.
Grave of Alexander Imlah : Methlick Kirkyard

1794 16th of January
Birth: Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
James Imlay in Meikle Ardo had a child baptized and named Alexander before Witnesses James Imlay in little Ardo and Alexander Marr in Meikle Ardo. Note: witnesses were James's cousin, James Imlay and his brother in law Alexander Marr.
1829 15th November
Age: 35
Marriage to Helen Marr :Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Alexander Imlah contracted marriage with Helen Marr on Sunday 15th November 1829.
There is an inconsistency in the dates in the two marriage entries.

The entry in the Methlick register reads:
                                             1829 15th Novr
Imlah                   Alexander Imlah in this parish & Helen
   &                      Marr in the parish of Monquhitter sig-
Marr                    nified their purpose of marriage & c
The entry in the Monquhitter register says:
Imlah                  Upon the Eighth day of October one thousand eight
 &                       hundred and twenty nine Alexander Imlah in the
Marr                   parish of Methlic and Helen Marr in this parish were
Birth  of  Daughter:  Helen
baptised Tuesday 20th April 1830

Birth of Daughter: Jane
born Monday 3rd  baptised Friday 14th December 1832

Birth of Daughter: Mary
baptised Friday 11th May 1838.

Age: 47
 Residence: Meikle Ardo, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 Alexander is described as a merchant and spirit dealer. The Rest of the household consists of his wife, Hellen, and their daughters, Hellen, Jean and Mary.

Age 57
Residence: Waterside, Gight, Methlick, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alexander Imlah a grocer, spirit dealer and farmer of 16 acres employing 3 laborers. The rest of the household consists of his wife, Helen and their daughters, Helen, Jane and Mary, who are all described as domestic servants.

Valuation Roll
Meikle Ardo, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Alexander is renting one of the crofts of Meikle Ardo from the Earl of Aberdeen for £10 2/- per annum. The roll also shows that Alex. Imlah Waterside of Gight owed the Inn, out houses & yard in the village of Cuminestown which his brother James rented.

Age: 67
 Residence: Waterside, Gight, Methlick, Aberdeen, Scotland
 Shows the house has four rooms with a window. Alex. Imlah is described as a public house keeper, grocer and farmer of 20 acres. Household consists of his wife and their daughters who are described as domestic servants. Jane is employed as a needle woman.

Valuation Roll
Meikle Ardo, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 Renting the croft on Meikle Ardo from the Right Honorable George, Earl of Aberdeen, for £16 12/- per annum.

Age: 77
Residence: Waterside, Gight, Methlick, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alexander Imlah, farmer of 22 acres. Household consists of wife Helen, and their daughter Helen. The house has 4 rooms with a window.

Valuation Roll
Meikle Ardo, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Alexander is renting the croft on Meikle Ardo for £17 2/- a year from the Right Honourable John, Earl of Aberdeen.

Age: 87
Residence: Waterside, Gight, Methlick, Aberdeen, Scotland
 House has 7 rooms with a window. Alexander is a Merchant and farmer of 22 acres employing 1 man. Household consists of his daughter Helen, Catherine Davidson 14, domestic Servant and William Cumming, widower, 71 and farm servant.

 1882 24th July
Age: 88
 Will: Waterside, Gight, Methlick, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alexander made his will on 4th Jul 1882, appointing Gavin Catto, farmer Mains of Gight parish of Fyvie and Peter Catto farmer Burnside of Gight Parish Fyvie his sole executors with all the usual Powers.

1882 06th August
Age: 88
Death: Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Alexander died at Meikle Ardo, cause of death general debility for one month, Registered by his daughter Helen "Imlay". She described Alexander as a farmer and gave occupation of his father as innkeeper, instead of Farmer
1882 August
Burial:  Methlick Kirkyard Stone #202
“The above Alexander Imlah, died at Waterside of Gight 6th August 1882, aged 88. “

 1899 September
Imlay Bequest – By the death of Miss Imlay,
                Waterside of Gight, who had the life-rent of the
                Interest of the money, £1000 have now come to the
                Parish of Methlick for the benefit of the sick
                Poor, &c., as by the will of the late Alexander
                Imlay, Merchant, Waterside of Gight, Methlick.
The magazine then goes on to quote from Alexander’s will. The balance of the interest in the “Imlah Trust” in 1899 was £13 19/-. The income in 1900 was £33 7/5d and the expenditure that year was £27 13/8d, leaving a balance for the year of £19 12/9d.