Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~K

  K is for Kindness
Isabella Kindness, my 1st Cousin 3x's removed, daughter of Isabella Imlah and Alexander Kindness was born on Monday the 2nd of August 1880 in New Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland. Isabella was the second child of five born to Alexander and Isabella,(Isabella Imlah had 2 children before she married Alexander). The 1901 Census shows Isabella Kindness at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lethen at 82 Inverleith in Edinburgh, she is listed as their Cook. On the 18th of December 1908 Isabella married Peter Madden Corporal in the 2nd Battalion Black Watch, they married at Tolbooth Church. Soon after Isabella and Peter married they sailed for India where Peter was Stationed with the Black Watch. Both their Children, Alexander Kindness Madden (1909) and Mary Joanna Madden (1911) were born in Sialkot, India. The 1911 Census shows the family is still living in India and that Peter is now shown as Lance Sergeant. I have not found documents of when they returned to Scotland or if they had any other children, this search still continues on. Isabella died in Canongate, Edinburgh in 1968, Peter died in 1940 in Canongate as well.


  1. What an interesting family you have. I love it. Do you know anything about their life in India? I have an image in my mind but it all is the result of too many old movies.

  2. Sadly I know very little about most people in my family, one of the reasons I blog and and do family research is in hopes of discovering who they were ( more than just a name)and what their life was perhaps in time I will know more about the time they lived in India... but I think we watch the same old movies :)

  3. What an amazing name "Kindness". Now that wouldbe be a great one to do a surname origin study on. Thankyou for sharing more on your family and their story.

    And blogging seems to the be way to 'advertise' your family these days, so I'm sure reli's will find you through it.