Thursday, September 20, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~L



Is For


George Lovie my 1st cousin 3xs removed was the son of Isabel Imlah Kindness ( See Family History Through the Alphabet ~K is for Kindness) and John Lovie. George was born in the Parish of New Deer in County of Aberdeen, on the  9th day of March 1875, he was born illegitimate to my Great Great Aunt who at the time was a domestic servant, as I mentioned in my post on the 22nd of August 2012, Isabel had 2 children born out of wedlock before she married Alexander Kindness.

 It  wasn't until the 19th of August 1880 that is birth record was amended and his birth fathers name was added. I was unable to make out many of the words on the document below and have therefore left a blank, please feel free  to comment on any words that I have not included or have transcribed incorrect. George went by Both George Lovie and George L. Kindness. I was able to find George on the 1911 census living in Edinburgh with his mother and sister, Willamina, George is listed as age 34, Single and a Stone cutter, I have found no other records documenting what happen to George Lovie Kindness.

Page 82. Register of Corrected Entries
for the parish of New Deer in County of Aberdeen.
In the Birth column of entry No 33 in the register book  of births for the year 1875 before the name of the child's mother insert James Lovie, Servant in Agriculture. In the Authority of a certificate in the form of Schedule (F)  the following offer:
In an _____  ______ ___ paternity of a male child born at Brae of Federate in the Parish of New Deer and County of Aberdeen on the 9th day of March 1875 at the _____ of poor Mrs. Isabella Imlay or Kindness, and Alexander Kindness her spouse: Skelly ________in the parish of____
against James Lovie, Boghead New Pitsligo, the ______ County of Aberdeen and Kincardine at Peterhead on the 14th day of May 1880 found that the said child was the illegitimate child of the said Mrs. Isabella Imlay or Kindness and James Lovie.        
                                                  19th August 1880


  1. You have a lovely way of writing about your family. Thankyou for sharing.

    Now guess at the handwriting is as follows:
    In an ACTION PERTAINING? TO THE paternity of a male
    the 9th day of March 1875 at the INSTANCE of
    [the rest I'm not sure of]

  2. I agree with Alona about the above, I wondered about Kindness but now I can see what you mean (family tree knowledge).I thought the last blank was showeth but it makes no sense.

    I'd imagine there'd be heaps to read about this in the Kirk Sessions depending where you are. I'm hanging out for them to be released online...