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Trove Tuesday~ Imlah's Unicycle

Warwick Examiner and Times  

(St. Lucia, Qld.) 

Saturday 3 November 1894


The Unicycle.
A wheel which can be easily steered and propelled, and which is designed to enable a rider to attain a high rate of speed is   shown in the accompanying illustration, and forms the subject of a patent issued to James Imlah, of Barre, Vt.
This wheel has an inner wheel supporting a suitable framework and having a double rim, the two parts of which engage ball bearings of inner annular flanges connected by spokes with the tire of the outer wheel, so that as the latter travels on the ground the inner wheel rolls off on the flanges, and the rider in his seat holds the  framework in normal position, the inner wheel not revolving. Between the two ball bearings in the rim is an internal gear in mesh with a gear wheel on a shaft in the framework, a sprocket wheel on this shaft  being connected with a similar wheel on the treadle shaft, by the operation of which the large gear wheel is rotated to give motion to the exterior wheel. By means of a brake lever pivoted on the steering lever, a brake may be applied to the shaft of the large gear wheel to stop the machine. The steering lever is arranged in front of the rider's seat, and by means of the mechanism connected therewith friction   rollers may be brought into engagement   with opposite edges of the double rim, the roller coming in contact with one edge of the rim, turning the wheel in the opposite direction. One can easily get into the machine by turning the framework half way around, allowing the saddle to come back into place after stepping in.

James Imlah: Great Great Uncle
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