Sunday, December 09, 2012

Church Record Sunday~ August 04, 1905

The Baptism Record on the left belongs to Daniel Charles Cocklin my Great Uncle. I was surprised when I discovered the record as I don't remember ever hearing my Nana ( my Maternal Grandmother) talk of having an older brother, perhaps she didn't have many memories of him since he passed away in 1911 when she was only 4 years old or maybe I didn't ask enough questions when Nana was living that would of prompted her to share.
 Daniel was the first child born to my Great Grandparents, Daniel Cocklin and Alice Mary Allen, he was born on the 18th of March 1905 and Baptised on the 4th of August at St. John the Evangelist, at the time of his baptism the family was living at 40 Samuel St, my Great Grandfathers Occupation at the time was General Labourer, the Baptism was performed by W.J. Thorburn.


  1. Like your quotes. Family History is awesome. Found a document on google recently. Stayed up late last night writing an article about it for amanuensis monday. This document was an early Christmas Present.


  2. I think we all wish we'd asked our grandparents/parents more questions. It's likely she didn't remember him well, if at all, sadly. I love your quotes!

  3. HI Grant, I'm glad you stopped by, I visited your page, what a great Christmas gift indeed! I have found a lot of useful information in Google Books on my family too, such a great site.

    Hi Pauleen, I never asked questions really, and nana was not one to share much information about her life or family.... if we only knew then what we know now about the questions we should be asking Our family history would be so much easier to piece together... :)