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Military Monday~ Battle Of Trafalgar

David Christian my 4th Great Grandfather a Private in the 130th Company of the Royal Marines, served 6 months before being discharged after the loss of  his left arm (from the elbow down) at the battle of Trafalgar. He was aboard the HMS Africa, a 64 gun third rate ship, one of  twelve ships in Admiral Nelsons "Weather Line".  The Africa under the command of Captain Henry Digby had drifted north during the night of October 20th 1805 and on the morning of the battle was unsupported and north of the Franco-Spanish fleet. Admiral Nelson signaled the Africa to increase speed and rejoin the fleet, whether Captain Digby choose to ignore the signal or did not see it seems to be undecided, but the Africa attacked alone from the North making his way along the Franco~Spanish line,exchanging broadsides with various ships.
 In the book  "The Trafalgar Captains: Their Lives and Memorials, Colin White wrote this about Digby and the HMS Africa " Although one of the smallest battleships present at the action, she played one of the most remarkable and courageous rolls in the battle."  
The Africa sustained heavy damage in the battle, 8 men died and 44 were wounded.  David Christian received £ 40 from Lloyd s Patriotic Fund for his wounds and was discharged at Chatham on the 2nd day of March 1806.

No. 311 
By Lieut General John Barclay
Commanding the Division of Royal Marines at Chatham.
ADM 73/5/117
These are to certify,  That the Bearer David Christian a Private in the Hundred and Thirtieth  Company, hath served honestly, and faithfully for the space of six months, but having lost his left hand by gun shot wound he is hereby discharged from any further service in the said Corps or Company, having first received all his pay, Arrears of pay, clothing, and all other Demands whatsoever, with Twenty-one days pay to carry him home, as appears by the Receipt at the back hereof, and in consideration of his  loss as above stated he is recommended as a fit  object to receive his majesty s bounty of Greenwich Hospital.  And to prevent any ill use which may be made of this Discharge, by its falling into the hands of any other person whatsoever, here follows am exact description of the said David Christian he is aged 26 years five feet Eight inches high Swarthy complexion Dark hair Hazel eyes. Given under my hand and Divisional Seal, at the Royal Marine Barracks, Chatham, the Second Day of March 1806  John Barclay

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Madness Monday~ Brentwood Asylum

London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1828-1930 
           Reference Number: POBG/129/08

In the matter of Sarah Christian a Lunatic Pauper, aged 70 years
The Examination of EDWIN KEIGHT, Clerk to the Clerk  to the Guardians of the WEST HAM Poor Law Union, in the County of Essex,  taken on oath before us, the undersigned, two of Her Majesty's Justice of the Peace,  acting together, in and for the said County of Essex, this 5th day of August, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Seven; touching the Lunacy, Chargeability, and place of the last legal settlement of Sarah Christian aged 70 years or thereabouts, a Pauper Lunatic; upon the complaint and application of the Guardians of the Poor of the WEST HAM Poor Law Union, in the said County, made unto is the said Justices,  That the said Pauper Lunatic has become, and now is actually chargeable to the said WEST HAM Union, and that she was, under and by virtue of an order in such case made and provided, conveyed as a Pauper Lunatic from the said Union to the Lunatic Asylum, for the County of Essex, at Brentwood, where she was received, and hath ever since been and still is confined as a pauper Lunatic, at the expense, cost, and charge of the said WEST HAM Poor Law Union.

And I the Said EDWIN KEIGHT, upon my oath, say that I am Clerk to the Clerk to the Guardians of the WEST HAM Poor Law Union, in the County of Essex. That by a certain order (made in pursuance of and in strict conformity with the provisions of the Statues in such case made and provided) bearing date the 26th day of August, 1896, directed to the Superintendent of the Public Lunatic Asylum for the County of Essex, at Brentwood, in the said County, whereby he was required to receive into the said Asylum as a Patient, the said Sarah Christian the Pauper Lunatic; and subjoined to which said order is the necessary and certificate, as required by law.

And I say that Sarah Christian the therein-named Pauper  Lunatic, was before and at the time of making the same order chargeable to the WEST HAM Poor Law Union, in the said County of Essex, and by virtue of which said order the Pauper Lunatic was duly conveyed to said Asylum.

Click to Enlarge
 and was then and there received as a patient, and hath ever since been and still is therein confined as a Lunatic at the expense, cost, and charge of the said WEST HAM Poor Law Union, And that the said Pauper Lunatic is not settled in the said WEST HAM Poor Law Union, neither is she irremovable therefrom.

And I further say that the said Guardians of the Poor of the WEST HAM Poor Law Union have incurred, or paid the of two pounds five shillings and seven pence, in and about the examination of the said Pauper Lunatic, and in conveying her to the said Asylum. And they have also incurred, or paid to the Treasure of the said Asylum, the further sum of twenty two pounds eighteen shilling ans eight pence, up to the 5th day of August for the lodging, maintenance, medicine, clothing, and care of the said Pauper Lunatic in the said Asylum, and which amount has been incurred within Twelve Calendar Months next before the day of date hereof.

And I further say that the sum of Fourteen shillings  __ pence, weekly is the sum now fixed by the Committee of  Visitors of the said Asylum to be paid for the future lodging, maintenance, medicine, clothing, and care of the said Lunatic.

And I have been informed and I verily believe the same to be true. That the said Sarah Christian is the lawful wife of Samuel Christian. That prior to February 1896 the said Samuel Christian resided for the term of three years at 77 and  24 St. Leonard Street in the parish, Hamlet, or Township of Bromley St Leonard in the Poplar Union, in such manner, and under such circumstances, in each of such years, as would in accordance with the several statutes in that behalf, render him irremovable therefrom and settled therein.

Signed Edwin Keight

The photo below shows that Sarah Received a visit from her oldest daughter, Sarah Ellis in September 1897.

I have been spending a lot of time searching for a record of death on Sarah Christian nee Fish who is my Great Great Great Grandmother (maternal)  her trail went cold after the 1891 West Ham Census where she is living at 14 Florence Rd. with her husband Samuel, daughter Emily and visiting Grand daughter (my great Aunt) Jane Matilda Allen, but last week I stumbled upon the Poor Law Removal and settlement records for 1897 showing Sarah was admitted to the Brentwood Lunatic Asylum and now my head is filled with so many questions, why was she sent there? was she actually insane or was it something else? did she die there? Was her daughter Sarah Ellis the only person to ever visit?

And so my search continues for answers to these new questions about my 3rd Great Grandmother.

Used With Permission: Warley Hospital, formerly Brentwood Asylum

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Tombstone Tuesday~ Alice Mary Allen 1885~1928

Alice Mary Allen: Prospect Cemetery,Toronto Canada Sec 21 Lot 558S

In Loving Memory Of
Alice Mary Mason
Beloved Wife Of
James R Mason
Died Dec 23 1928
Aged 43 Years
Rest In Peace

Alice Mary Allen Cocklin Mason, my Maternal Great Grandmother  the daughter of William Allen and Mary Ann Christian born in Bromley By Bow, London, England in 1885. Alice left England in 1912 with her first husband Daniel Cocklin and their children to make a new home in Canada and to join Alice's younger sister Jane Matilda Allen Copperthwaite  who had made the journey 2 years earlier with her family. 
Daniel Cocklin died in 1919 from injuries received fighting the war.  Alice married James Richard Mason in 1924, they had one son, Jame Richard Mason Jr.

According the the Office records of Prospect  Cemetery Richard R. Mason (date of death Dec 28 1933) and Henry(Harry) Thomas Cocklin Mason (date of death Aug 29 1936) are also buried in the lot with her.

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Church Record Sunday~ 1778 Parish Church of Tarves

PATERSON, MARGARET (O.P.R. Births 243/00 0010 0303 TARVES

Paterson: Aug 6 William Paterson in Cairnbrogie had a daughter baptized and named Margaret, Will Reid and Chas Watson witnesses.

Margaret Paterson my 4 Great Grandmother, daughter of William Paterson and Mary Smith ( yes another Smith line) was baptized in the Parish Church of Tarves, Aberdeen, Scotland on 6th day of August 1778.

The witnesses were William Reid and Charles Watson, Charles Watson is my 5th Great Grandfather and would later become the father in law of Margaret when she would marry his son James sometime around the early 1800's.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday~Harold Edward Smith

OCT 28 1899- OCT 12 1959
SEPT 13 1905-DEC 22 1963

My Grandfathers younger brother Harold and his wife Ruth are buried at Park Lawn Cemetery in Toronto, Canada.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday~ Melville Smith

AUG 23 1901--- APR 18 1945

My Maternal Grandfather is buried in Prospect Cemetery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he died at the age of 43 from a heart attack while he was at work. The funeral was held on Saturday April 21 at 2 P.M. I want to thank Tom Hedefine for locating his grave and taking  photos for me.

Sec 21 Lot 1036 Prospect Cemetery.

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Church Record Sunday ~ December 15, 1768

Source:O.P.R. Marriage 0010 0174 Keithhall and Kinkell.

"December 15 1768 Charles Watson  in the parish of 
Tarves and Jane Midler in this parish having been regularly
 contracted and proclaimed were married".

Charles Watson and Jean  Middler my 5X Great Grandparents, Charles was 31 and Jean 30 when they  married. They were married  33 years. Charles died in 1801 and Jean in 1806. They are buried together in the Kirkyard of Tarves, Scotland

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday~ Jane Matilda Allen

AUG 28 1884- AUG 09 1955
SEPT 12 1885- FEB 8 1957

My Great Great Aunt Jane Matilda  Allen the 3rd Child born to my Great Great Grandparents, William Allen and Mary Ann Christian. Jane and my Great Grandmother Alice Mary were born less than a year apart, and both Alice and Jane were married in 1904, Jane in July and Alice in December. Later Jane and her family would move to Canada and soon after my Great Grandparents followed them, they all would make their home in Chesley, Ontario when they arrived.

Jane, her husband and their son Joseph are buried in Park Lawn Cemetery in Toronto Canada.

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Sunday's Obituary~ Peter Imlah

Source:Aberdeen Daily Journal Wednesday March 18,1908

 Imlah - On the 17th inst., Peter Imlah, joiner, aged 48 years. Funeral on Saturday, 21st inst., at 3 O'clock p.m., from 13 Northfield Pace to Nellfield Cemetery. All friends respectfully invited. This is the only intimation and invitation.

Peter Imlah was my Great Great Uncle who I posted about in May of 2011 Click on the date if you want to read more about Peter's life.

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Wedding Wednesday~ Elizabeth And Alexander 1888~

That Alexander Findlay & Elizabeth Ann Imlah, both residing in the perish of New Deer, have been duly proclaimed in the parish church of New Deer in order for Marriage and no objection made is attested at New Deer the Seventieth day of November One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight years by Wm Greig, Session Clerk. The above parties were Married by me this day at Inkhorn Savoch November 23, 1888. W. Wallace Wilson, minster.

Elizabeth Imlah and Alexander Findlay
For more information about  Elizabeth Ann and Alexander see  my post on March 19, 2011
and April 13, 2011

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Travel Tuesday~ 1913 The Cocklin's Leave England for Canada~

Allan Line steamship built 1901 at Belfast, Ireland by Workman, Clark Co. Ltd. The Ionian was mainly used for the conveyance of emigrants between Liverpool and Canadian ports.

On the 26th Day of June1913 my Great Grandparents, Daniel Cocklin and Alice Allen along with their 3 children, Alice (my Nana) ,Rose and Henry boarded the S.S. Ionian for a journey to a new land. After 13 days of sailing at sea they arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on July 9th, 1913. According to the Ships manifest there where 647 Adults and 100 children on board when the Ionian sailed into port at 9:40 AM. While most of the information I found was things I already knew, the fact that my Great Grandfather had a brother already living in Canada was a surprise to me,  I have not been able to tie my Great Grandfather to a family, this gives me another place to search.

Passenger Lists, 1865–1935. Microfilm Publications T-479 to T-520, T-4689 to T-4874, T-14700 to T-14939, C-4511 to C-4542. Library and ArchivesCanada, n.d. RG 76-C. Department of Employment and Immigration fonds. Library and Archives Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Passenger Lists Questions 1911-1919
1. No. of Passengers: [Line #]
2. No. of S.S. Contract Ticket: 984
3. Amount of Cash: ?
4. Name in Full: DANIEL COCKLIN
5. Age of Adults/Male: 30
6. Age of Adults/Female:
7. Children Under 14 Years/Male:
8. Children Under 14 Years/Female:
9. Married, Single, or Widowed: M
10. Have you ever been in Canada before? No
11. If So/When:
13. If So/How Long:
14. Do You Intend To Permanently Reside in Canada? YES
15. Are You Able to Read? YES
16. Are You Able to Write? YES
17. Country of Birth: ENGLAND
18. No. of Passengers: [Line #]
19. Race of People: ENGLISH
20. Destination/Post Office: CHESLEY 
21. Destination/Province:
22. What Was Your Occupation In Country From Which You Came: LABOUR
23. What Is Your Intended Occupation In Canada: LABOUR
24. Have you ever worked as farmer,farm,labourer,gardener,stableman,carter, Ry [railway] Surfaceman, or miner? NO
25. If So/Which:
26. If So/How Long:
27. If So/When:
28. Religious Denomination: ROMAN CATHOLIC
29. Travelled Inland On:
30. Initials of Civil Examiner: PAGE IS DAMAGED ,INITIALS MISSING
31. No. Of Passengers: [Line #]PAGE IS DAMAGED INFO MISSING

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Military Monday~ Attestation Paper for Daniel Cocklin

Attestation Paper :Source Library and Archives of Canada
   Finding my Great Grandfathers Attestation Paper was not to hard, my Nana had memorized his regiment number when she was little girl and years ago when I asked her about him she couldn't remember his date of Birth or if he was born in England or Ireland but even in her late 80's and suffering from Alzheimer she able to recite the number to me, #651693. I went to Canada's Library and Archives and put in the number and found his papers. What a wealth of information one can learn from them! 
Attestation Paper :Source Library and Archives of Canada
   Listed on the front page was his date of birth the 2nd of October 1882,  where he was born "London, England " his Occupation at the time "Machine Operator", my Great Grandmothers name,where they lived at the time and his Signature and the date of his enlistment along with the regiment he was assigned to " The 160 Battalion".

Page 2: Gave me some insight as to what he looked like ( to date I have not found a photo of him). Height 5 ft. 2 1/4 inches (hmm I didn't get my being tall from Great Grandpa!) Complexion "Dark",  eyes "Blue", hair " Dark Brown",and he was Roman Catholic, Also his age at the time he enlisted.

**Maternal Great Grandfather**

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Sundays Obituary~ 1924 Peter Ried Imlah

Source: April 07, 1924 Aberdeen Journal

IMLAH- At 65 Powis Place, Aberdeen ,on the 4th April, Peter Reid Imlah (Pat), beloved husband of Jeannie Ogilvie and second son of the late Peter Imlah, joiner, and of Mrs. Imlah, Chicago ( late of 12 Esslemont Avenue). Funeral on Tuesday, 8th inst., at 3:30 p.m. from the house of his father-in-law, James Ogilvie, 19 Summerfield Terrace, to Nellfield Cemetery. Friends please accept this (the only) intimation and invitation. 

** My 1st Cousin 3x Removed** 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday~ William Morrison Duncan

William Morrison Duncan and Hannah Brown Harvey were married on 1st day of  October  1932 in Woodside South Church, Aberdeen, Scotland. William was the son of my Great Aunt, Mary Murray Smith and her husband James Duncan. 

**1st Cousin 2x removed**

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday~ William Mathieson

Sergeant William (Bill )Mathieson, Gordon Highlanders (on right)

RHS India~ Bill Sitting in Chair 

**My 1st Cousin 2x  Removed**

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday~ James Imlah and Family

       Imlah Family Headstone

This is the headstone for James Imlah, who in the late 1800's and early 1900's worked for  
Ross - Imlah Co., a granite manufacturing company in Barre Vermont,it was owned my James Ross and John Imlah (John was a nephew of James). The Imlah family headstone is located in The Elmwood Cemetery in Barre Vermont.

Buried with James are his first and second wives Margaret and Isabel, one of his 3 sons, Charles and Alexander Kindess, his brother in law.

James Imlah 1855-1919
Margaret M. Imlah  1860-1899
Isabel Adams Imlah 1860-1926
Charles M. Imlah 1896-1950
Alexander  Kindness 1856- 1889

James Imlah was my Great Great Uncle who I have posted about here - here and here, a big thank you to Kim who lives in Barre Vermont and was kind enough to search for the tombstone for me.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mystery Monday~ The Unknown Lady

 Yet another Mystery photo from Great Grandma Mary Bella Watson's photo album.  I tried to magnify the photo in hopes I could make out the title of the book she is holding, but was not able to read it , the book may have only been used for a prop, but one never knows. Dangling from her long necklace appears to be a small key, the style of dress I'm guessing 1880's?  I would love to learn who this mystery lady is.~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Church Record Sunday~1792 Margaret Smith

1792 Record of Baptism : Source O.P.R. Births 159/00 0030 0214 KEITH

The Above Record is for my 3rd Great Aunt, Margaret Smith, Daughter of Alexander Smith and Mary McDonald, Margaret was born and baptized on the 22nd day of August 1792 in Keith, Banffshire,Scotland, The Witnesses were Adam and Margaret Longmoor.

Click on photos to enlarge.

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~It's My 3rd Blogiversary!~

It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since I started Spirits of The Old, harder yet to believe that I have kept at it! This last year I have slowed down a bit in my posting for a number of reasons, the loss of my dad, a new job, and of course the brick walls, But I have also been busy trying to organize all my paper work ( mountains, drawers, piles eeek) following "The Organized Genealogist" on Facebook is giving me wonderful motivation to get this done!

Three years ago when I started my blog I had a photo of my maternal grandparents, some of my parents and could tell you the names of my Maternal Great grandparents, and sadly nothing about my Paternal Grandparents not even their names!

Today I have photos of my 3rd Great Grandparents ( Maternal) photos of Great Great Uncles and Aunts, cousins and distant relatives. Names~ oh I have so many names and I discovered the names of my dad's birth parents!!  ( I actually have family now)  there are now copies of Wills and documents, newspaper articles the list is long of the discoveries I have made. I have been blessed with so many family members who I never knew existed finding my blog and contacting me, they have been wonderful to share their information, documentation  and photos, Thank you Cousins!!! I love you all.

 I'm looking forward to many more years of blogging ~ discovering ~and watching my family tree grow.

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Census Sunday~ The Allen Family 1901 London

Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 339; Folio: 107; Page: 40.
Civil Parish: St Mary Stratford Bow
Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary
County/Island: London
Country: England

The 1901 Census for my Great Great Grandfather William Allen and 3 of the 4 children, my Great Grandmother Mother is Alice (Ada was married and living in Mile End). The census shows William still a widower ( his wife Mary died after the 1881 census and before the 1891 census) the family is living at 3 Walter Court in Bromley. William Sr. listed occupation is Slate Sander machine, his son William is a Slater moulder, daughter Jane is a confectioner and Alice is not shown as employed so she was most likely still in school. All 3 of the children still living at home are listed as being born in Bromely By Bow and William in Westminster.
Click on the Photos to enlarge

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Sympathy Saturday~ C.Q.M.S. Alexander Imlah

The Aberdeen Journal
April 14, 1924

 The death has taken place of C.Q.M.S Alexander Imlah, younger son of the late A. Imlah, grocer, Buckie.
Mr. Imlah went to France with the 6th Gordon Highlanders in 1914, and took part in various engagements, including Neuve Chapelle, Givenchy, and Loos. He was severely wounded at Loos in 1915, the effects of which he felt till the end.  He was recommended for a commission, but on account of his injuries he did not accept.
Mr. Imlah who was 34 years of age, was destined for the teaching profession, but on his fathers death before the war took up his business.  He was of genial disposition and was well Known in local musical circles. Possessed of a baritone voice of fine quality. He was always ready and willing to give his services in aid of local charities.

Alexander Imlah: my 1st cousin 3x times removed.
*CQMS :Company Quartermaster Sergeant

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Friday’s Faces from the Past~ Mystery Relative

The above photo comes from Great Grandma Mary Bella Watson's photo album. The information on the back reads " Cousin of Mary or Marge".  A. Dinnie (Alexander Dinnie) was the photographer and was in business at 3 Langstane Place, Aberdeen from  1870 – 1887. I'm not sure for the clothing if the child in the photo is a boy or girl, but since they are holding a basket, I tend to think it is a female.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

On This Day: June 06 1897

On this day in 1897 on High Street in New Pitsligo , Aberdeen,Scotland, my Great Great Uncle James Smith died from Brights Disease of the Kidneys. He was the son of James Smith and Jane Matthew, husband of Ann Taylor. His Occupation at the time of his death was Master Shoemaker.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday's Obituary~1918 Alexander Imlah

Source: Aberdeen Evening Express July 22,1918
The Funeral of Mr. Alexander Imlah, grocer, took place to Rathven churchyard on Friday was largely Attended. Deceased, who was a native of New Deer, came to Buckie from Inverness 36 years ago, when he was 35 years of age. he started and carried on a grocer's business successfully. His sons are Lieut. W. Imlah and Corporal A. Imlah, of the Gordons, both of whom have been wounded. He is survived also by two daughters.

** My GG Uncle

Monday, April 15, 2013

Military Monday~ Peace and Goodwill Towards Men

The letter below was published on Wednesday, January 06, 1915 in The Aberdeen Journal, it was written to my Great Great Uncle Alexander Imlah from his son Walter, Lance Corporal in D Company of the 6th Gordon Highlanders. Walters letter describes Christmas morning in France during WWI when weapons were put down, gifts were exchanged and for a few days there was peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all.

Aberdeen Journal Jan. 06, 1915
Lance -Corporal Imlah at present serving with D Company, 6th Gordon Highlanders, in France, writing home to his father, Alexander Imlah, grocer, High Street, Buckie says:
__" We were in the trenches for four days last week, coming out two nights ago. We had a remarkable experience last week in the trenches.  On Christmas morning I was sitting in our trench having breakfast when the word came along--
'The Germans are out of their trenches.' I couldn't credit it at first, but on looking over the top of the trench I was amazed to see large numbers of the Germans standing out in front of their trenches, all without arms.  Of course we didn't fire, and when some of the German officers appeared, some of ours got out and went over to them, to inquire, I suppose, the reason why their men were out of their trenches.  The German officers then said that they wished an armistice in order to bury their dead.  After some conterence, it was agreed to grant the armistice, the reason being that we had dead to bury.  Other sentiments also had something to do with it,  I think, for was it not Christmas Day, the day of peace and goodwill towards men?  We were all glad of the halt anyway, and soon we got started burying the dead.  Any of our men who were laying near the German trenches were carried by the Germans to a ditch midway between the trenches, where they were buried by us.  Any of their dead on our side of the ditch were carried there to be taken away by the Germans for burial.

Our padre, who very fortunately, had happened to come up to the trenches that morning, to wish us a Merry Christmas, arranged to have a service.  After the burials were completed, we lined up on opposite sides of the ditch, officers in front and burial parties in rear-- I was very proud to be one of our party on such an occasion.  Our padre then gave a shot service, one of the items in which was Psalm xxiii, Thereafter a German solider, a divinity student, I believe, interpreted the service to the German party.  I could not understand what he was saying, but it was beautiful to listen to him, he had such an expressive voice.  The service over, we were soon fraternising with the Germans, just as if they were old friends.  We have all heard of the terrible atrocities perpetrated by the Germans, but really from our intercourse with some them on Christmas Day, one could hardly believe them capable of the terrible acts that have been laid at their door.  Some of them could speak English fluently-- one had been a waiter in the Hotel Cecil, London-- and I gathered from them that they were pretty well tired of this horrible business.  Souvenirs in the the form of silver coins, pipes, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. they handed out all round, and anything we gave them in return seemed to be very much appreciated.  They all looked a happy lot any way, and seemed to be well cared for.

The armistice was supposed to last till 4 p.m. on Christmas Day, after which time we were told any man who left the trenches would take a risk of being fired at.  However, we ourselves made a compact with the enemy that there would be no shooting at all that day, and you may be sure we kept our promise, and next morning arrived without a shot being fired.  Again the news came that the Germans were out of their trenches, and sure enough there they were walking about.  Some of our chaps were soon over amongst them, and through the day several of them had shaves from the Germans, and souvenirs were continually passing.  We left the trenches that afternoon, and to-day I hear the armistice still continues,  each side evidently refusing to start firing.  This can't last, of course, but I hear that we are going to have an armistice again on New Year's Day, which is our day.  This comedy, for it has now developed into such,  is only occurring along our immediate front of course.
  I must now be finishing as the see the hour is getting late.  There is much more I might tell you of,  but it would take too much space to tell you everything, and I must have some regard for the poor censor, who has to read all this.  We have received Queen Mary's present-- a very handsome gift it is.  I will try to get it send home.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday’s Obituary~ 1926 Walter M. Imlah

From the Aberdeen Journal dated October 4th 1926, this is the obituary for my 1st Cousin 3x removed, Walter Mackay Imlah. Walter died on October 2nd 1926, cause of death was meningitis.

Aberdeen Journal
 After a brief illness, the death occurred on Saturday morning of Mr. Walter Imlah, bank Agent at Cullen, who resided at High Street, Buckie.  Mr. Imlah, who for some years was agent of  the Union Bank, Pontnockie, was recently appointed to the Cullen agency.  He was the son of the late Mr. Alexander Imlah, grocer, Buckie,  and was well known in the town and district. Mr. Imlah served during practically the whole of the war in the Gordon Highlanders, and rose to the rank of lieutenant.  He was severely wounded in France.  Subsequently he took a great interest in the Territorials, and for some time was Acting Captain of B Company, 6th Gordon Highlanders, his promotion to that rank only being substantiated at the time of his death.
Mr. Imlah was a keen horticulturist, and was a successful grower of Fruit.  He was one of the leading spirits in the local horticultural society.  He was also for some years an energetic member of the Oratorio and Operatic Society, and it was greatly due to his ability as secretary for a period that the society was brought to the prominent position which it now holds in musical circles.  He was 43 years of age and leaves a widow and four young children.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday's Obituary~ Margaret M. Imlah

March 29, 1899 Argus and Partriot (Montpelier VT) Pg. 3
Mrs. James Imlah died last Friday night after an illness of a week, from paralysis. She leaves a husband and four children. The funeral was held from the house Sunday Afternoon and the interment was in Elmwood cemetery.
Margaret Mair McMillian died March 24, 1899 she was the first wife of my GG Uncle James Imlah. She was born April 03, 1860 in Abderdeenshire Scotland. Her death certificate list the cause of death as paralysis, I  believe the paralysis may have been  a result of complications during child birth as Margaret gave birth a week before her death to their fourth child, a little girl named Margaret Mair McMillian Imlah.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surname Saturday~ Middler

Surname: Middler

Variations: Middle, Middell, Middler, and possibly others this is a residential name, it is an English name that derives from the 7th century word “Middel” and meaning either a place between two other villages, or a person (Middler) who worked in the centre of (probably) a town or village. Another possibility is that Middle could refer to a dry area or island on a marsh, in the days before the drainage of the dens and lying regions. 

Jean Middler was born about 1738 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland; she married my 5th Great Grandfather Charles Watson on the 15th day of December 1768 in the Parish of Keithhall and Kinkell Aberdeenshire. Jean Middler died on the 24th of February 1806 and is buried in the Kirkyard of Tarves in Aberdeenshire.

Jean Middler: 5th Great Grandmother 1738-1806
       James Watson: 4th Great Grandfather 1772-1856
             William Watson: 3rd Great Grandfather 1803-1875
                   James Watson: 2nd Great Grandfather 1844-1866
                          Mary Bella Watson: Great Grandmother 1866-1939
                                Melville Morrison Smith: Maternal Grandfather 1901-1945
                                          Doreen Mary Smith: Mother 1928-1967