Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surname Saturday~ Middler

Surname: Middler

Variations: Middle, Middell, Middler, and possibly others this is a residential name, it is an English name that derives from the 7th century word “Middel” and meaning either a place between two other villages, or a person (Middler) who worked in the centre of (probably) a town or village. Another possibility is that Middle could refer to a dry area or island on a marsh, in the days before the drainage of the dens and lying regions. 

Jean Middler was born about 1738 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland; she married my 5th Great Grandfather Charles Watson on the 15th day of December 1768 in the Parish of Keithhall and Kinkell Aberdeenshire. Jean Middler died on the 24th of February 1806 and is buried in the Kirkyard of Tarves in Aberdeenshire.

Jean Middler: 5th Great Grandmother 1738-1806
       James Watson: 4th Great Grandfather 1772-1856
             William Watson: 3rd Great Grandfather 1803-1875
                   James Watson: 2nd Great Grandfather 1844-1866
                          Mary Bella Watson: Great Grandmother 1866-1939
                                Melville Morrison Smith: Maternal Grandfather 1901-1945
                                          Doreen Mary Smith: Mother 1928-1967

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday~ Watson & Middler

Used With Permission

The Kirkyard of Tarves

 Stone 352 ( Flat)
 In memory of Charles Watson late farmer in Cairnbrogie d. 18 Sept 1801 aged 64. Also Jean Middler his spouse d. 24 Feb 1806 aged 68. Also their son Charles Watson d. 18 Mar 1850 ages 81. Isabel Milne his spouse d. 31 July 1861 aged 86. James Watson their son d. Cairnbrogie 6 Sept 1872 aged 59. Also his son George d. 20 Apr 1882 aged 17 also his Grandson Robert Tough d. 19 Oct. 1884 aged 6. Also Isabella Wright wife of the above James Watson d. 1 May 1887 aged 63. Also Duncan Watson d. at Broadward 10 Apr. 1844 aged 32 and his father James Watson late farmer in Broadward d. 12 Sept 1856 and his spouse Margaret Paterson d. 2 Sept. 1863 aged 83. James Watson, Burnside, Schivies(sic) d. 16 Oct 1883 aged 78. Helen Gordon his wife d. 24 Jan. 1890 aged 71.

Stone 351 (Standing)
In Loving memory of John Watson South Burnside, Schiyas d. 25 Feb 1898 aged 43; his wife Helen Mitchell d. 20 Dec 1930 aged 75. Also their daughter Margaret M. Watson d. 24 May 1967. And their sons John, South Burnside,Schiyas 1889-1957; James Alexander, Glasgow, 1890-1971; Henry Gordon, New Jersey 1897-1977.

The flat stone  left of the Standing Gravestone is the grave of my 5th Great Grandparents, Charles Watson and Jean Middler, their Son James and his wife Margaret Paterson my 4th Great Grandparents. The Standing Stone is the grave of my 1st Cousin 4xs Removed and his family, his parents were James Watson and Helen Gordon.

When I started typing this post the other day, I didn't have a photo to go with it so I thought I would find one of the Kirkyard to add, you can imagine my delight,shock and Joy as I scrolled through the pictures Google Search had found for Tarves Kirkyard and noticed this one for my family~

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mystery Monday~

This is another picture from Great Grandma Watson's photo album. While many of the photos had a name on the back, this one did not. The collar on her dress looks like it could be a hood, which makes me think it is a Jacket she is wearing over her dress, perhaps she was getting ready to travel? I'm not sure of the year, if I had to venture a guess I would say 1885. I would love to hear from anyone that can help shed some light on the year and if it is a dress or Jacket she is wearing. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Church Record Sunday~ Nov. 8th 1772

O.P.R. Births 243/00 0010 0274 Tarves

"November the 8th said day Charles Watson in Cairnbrogie had a sone Baptized in presance of the Congration named Jeams".

James Watson, my 4th Great Grandfather was born in the Parish of Tarves in Aberdeenshire Scotland, he was the son of Charles Watson and Jean Middler.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Church Record Sunday~ June 14,1761

O.P.R. 1761
The page above is from the Old Parish Register dated 1761 for the parish of Methlick in Aberdeenshire Scotland, the following entry recorded the death of my 7th Great Grandfather, Sebastian Davidson.

         "Davidson : Sebastian Davidson an old man in Meikle Methlick was buried"
I haven't located a record for Sebastian's birth but he was married in 1706, so I figure his age at the time of his death between 80 to 85.