Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surname Saturday~ Middler

Surname: Middler

Variations: Middle, Middell, Middler, and possibly others this is a residential name, it is an English name that derives from the 7th century word “Middel” and meaning either a place between two other villages, or a person (Middler) who worked in the centre of (probably) a town or village. Another possibility is that Middle could refer to a dry area or island on a marsh, in the days before the drainage of the dens and lying regions. 

Jean Middler was born about 1738 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland; she married my 5th Great Grandfather Charles Watson on the 15th day of December 1768 in the Parish of Keithhall and Kinkell Aberdeenshire. Jean Middler died on the 24th of February 1806 and is buried in the Kirkyard of Tarves in Aberdeenshire.

Jean Middler: 5th Great Grandmother 1738-1806
       James Watson: 4th Great Grandfather 1772-1856
             William Watson: 3rd Great Grandfather 1803-1875
                   James Watson: 2nd Great Grandfather 1844-1866
                          Mary Bella Watson: Great Grandmother 1866-1939
                                Melville Morrison Smith: Maternal Grandfather 1901-1945
                                          Doreen Mary Smith: Mother 1928-1967

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