Monday, July 22, 2013

Mystery Monday~ The Unknown Lady

 Yet another Mystery photo from Great Grandma Mary Bella Watson's photo album.  I tried to magnify the photo in hopes I could make out the title of the book she is holding, but was not able to read it , the book may have only been used for a prop, but one never knows. Dangling from her long necklace appears to be a small key, the style of dress I'm guessing 1880's?  I would love to learn who this mystery lady is.~


  1. I love the typography on the back of the photo. I also tried to blow it up and change the colors, but wasn't able to clarify the title of the book. It may have been a prop, but I bet she loved books. Maybe a librarian with a key of knowledge?

  2. I love your thoughts about the key, key for knowledge... I was hoping the book might have been one by the poet John Imlah, then I would know what side of the family the unknown lady was from...Smith's or Imlah's... *sigh* It was a thought.