Monday, August 12, 2013

Military Monday~ Attestation Paper for Daniel Cocklin

Attestation Paper :Source Library and Archives of Canada
   Finding my Great Grandfathers Attestation Paper was not to hard, my Nana had memorized his regiment number when she was little girl and years ago when I asked her about him she couldn't remember his date of Birth or if he was born in England or Ireland but even in her late 80's and suffering from Alzheimer she able to recite the number to me, #651693. I went to Canada's Library and Archives and put in the number and found his papers. What a wealth of information one can learn from them! 
Attestation Paper :Source Library and Archives of Canada
   Listed on the front page was his date of birth the 2nd of October 1882,  where he was born "London, England " his Occupation at the time "Machine Operator", my Great Grandmothers name,where they lived at the time and his Signature and the date of his enlistment along with the regiment he was assigned to " The 160 Battalion".

Page 2: Gave me some insight as to what he looked like ( to date I have not found a photo of him). Height 5 ft. 2 1/4 inches (hmm I didn't get my being tall from Great Grandpa!) Complexion "Dark",  eyes "Blue", hair " Dark Brown",and he was Roman Catholic, Also his age at the time he enlisted.

**Maternal Great Grandfather**

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