Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Tuesday~ 1913 The Cocklin's Leave England for Canada~

Allan Line steamship built 1901 at Belfast, Ireland by Workman, Clark Co. Ltd. The Ionian was mainly used for the conveyance of emigrants between Liverpool and Canadian ports.

On the 26th Day of June1913 my Great Grandparents, Daniel Cocklin and Alice Allen along with their 3 children, Alice (my Nana) ,Rose and Henry boarded the S.S. Ionian for a journey to a new land. After 13 days of sailing at sea they arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on July 9th, 1913. According to the Ships manifest there where 647 Adults and 100 children on board when the Ionian sailed into port at 9:40 AM. While most of the information I found was things I already knew, the fact that my Great Grandfather had a brother already living in Canada was a surprise to me,  I have not been able to tie my Great Grandfather to a family, this gives me another place to search.

Passenger Lists, 1865–1935. Microfilm Publications T-479 to T-520, T-4689 to T-4874, T-14700 to T-14939, C-4511 to C-4542. Library and ArchivesCanada, n.d. RG 76-C. Department of Employment and Immigration fonds. Library and Archives Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Passenger Lists Questions 1911-1919
1. No. of Passengers: [Line #]
2. No. of S.S. Contract Ticket: 984
3. Amount of Cash: ?
4. Name in Full: DANIEL COCKLIN
5. Age of Adults/Male: 30
6. Age of Adults/Female:
7. Children Under 14 Years/Male:
8. Children Under 14 Years/Female:
9. Married, Single, or Widowed: M
10. Have you ever been in Canada before? No
11. If So/When:
13. If So/How Long:
14. Do You Intend To Permanently Reside in Canada? YES
15. Are You Able to Read? YES
16. Are You Able to Write? YES
17. Country of Birth: ENGLAND
18. No. of Passengers: [Line #]
19. Race of People: ENGLISH
20. Destination/Post Office: CHESLEY 
21. Destination/Province:
22. What Was Your Occupation In Country From Which You Came: LABOUR
23. What Is Your Intended Occupation In Canada: LABOUR
24. Have you ever worked as farmer,farm,labourer,gardener,stableman,carter, Ry [railway] Surfaceman, or miner? NO
25. If So/Which:
26. If So/How Long:
27. If So/When:
28. Religious Denomination: ROMAN CATHOLIC
29. Travelled Inland On:
30. Initials of Civil Examiner: PAGE IS DAMAGED ,INITIALS MISSING
31. No. Of Passengers: [Line #]PAGE IS DAMAGED INFO MISSING

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