Sunday, February 09, 2014

Life After Rootstech

What an incredible time I had at the 2014 Rootstech in Salt Lake City Utah, I  had originally planned on attending all  3 days of classes but by Friday evening after walking back from the FHL found I was exhausted from the getting up early, attending classes, walking the HUGE Salt Palace many times in the day, walking the Vendor area many many times, walking to the FHL and back to hotel, walking to...well you get the idea, you do a lot of walking at Rootstech, besides I was excited to get back home and start applying all I had learnt from Thursday and Friday Classes, so Saturday morning I packed, checked out of the hotel and headed back home, 2.5 hours later I arrived home with the intention of unpacking, writing and applying my new found knowledge but that didn't happen...what happened was, I walked in the door, sat down on the couch and fell asleep for 5 hours.

The Keynote speakers were amazing, both Thursday and Friday I left the talks with tears in my eyes. I would have to say that one of my favorite speakers was Judy Russell, AKA The Legal Genealogist, whose talk "Just Three Generations" made me realize how important preserving oral history was, according to Judy it only takes 3 generations for the events that take place to disappear if not accurately recorded.
I sat in on some great Classes, DNA and Megadata, were two classes I had not planned on taking, but after arriving at Rootstech and talking to other's I decided I needed to learn more about these topics, as you can see from the photo above I even purchased a DNA kit (cant wait to drop it in the mail box tomorrow) Some of the Classes I had planned on taking filled up fast and I had to go with alternatives,which worked out fine, these were classes where I thought I already knew all there was to know, but turned out there was plenty for me to still learn. So what did I learn at Rootstech 2014 ? That  next year I will try not to spend so much time talking to people and get to my class on time, well okay to be honest while the classes where fantastic I wouldn't trade the time I used for meeting new people so I will just take my chances next year that I find a seat, That I need to get in better shape so I can make it through all three days of the conference, that technology is allowing us to access records we never dreamed we would see while sitting at our computers, it's allowing us to record and document our lives and that of our living family members so future generations will know who we were and they will be able to tell Our stories with accuracy, and these stories and histories will be preserved for all generations to come.

I'm looking forward to next years Rootstech February 12-14 at the Salt Palace.

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