Sunday, June 01, 2014

Mystery Monday~ Another Mystery Solved

On January 03 2014 I  posted a Mystery photo from Great Grandma's photo Album in hopes someone would be able to identify the man in the photo, I thought it may be a relation to my Great Grandfather due to some of the Smith facial features but wasn't sure, if so which Smith was he? On March 27 I was on Ancestry looking through  photos of different tree's with the last name Smith and  I came across this photo ~

Mary Ann Murray and George Smith

 I knew this had to be my mystery Man, his hair was now gray and he was sporting a mustache but he still looked the same to me,  I sent a message to the owner of photo to confirm my suspicions, Well not only did I solve another mystery but I gained a Cousin!!! Thank you Cousin Morag and Ian for allowing me to share this photo of your Great Grandfather and my Great Grand Uncle George Smith and his wife Mary Ann Murray, Morag  also shared  more photos with me which I will post at a later time (thank you again). I'm so excited to have found another family member and one who enjoys family history too!!

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